24 Feb

This was the eloquent Facebook status posted by former Syracuse WR Mike Williams, moments before he left the team for good. Mr. Williams and college were like Simon and Garfunkel. When times were good, everyone was feeling groovy. However, oft’ times there was no bridge over the troubled water.

Quite simply, when #1 played, he lit it up. Prototype size and strength. Of course, there was plenty of down time for Mike. He was suspended for all of 2008 for breaking Syracuse’s Academic Integrity Policy. He was to be suspended again this season for some sort of murky incident involving a motor vehicle and an Amish buggy. But Mr. Williams beat the powers that be to the punch, hitting them with the aforementioned Facebook acronym and leaving the team for good.

So here he is at the NFL Combine, navigating a sea of interviews, trying to convince the brass that he’s matured a lot, presumably from dealing with the responsibility of his multiplying Farmville herd.

Of course, the stopwatch can do much of the talking for Mike. There are no doubts about his size and strength, but estimates of his 40 time are all over the place. If Williams can post a time in the 4.4-4.5 range, GMs and Coaches will be much more willing to accept his “I’m ready to change” act. Oh, and he’d also make himself a nice chunk of change.

It’s worth keeping an eye on him. Suppose we don’t address the receiver position via free agency. And suppose we go defense (or dare I say, Spiller?) in round 1. And what if we go TE in round 2? NT in round 3? Well, we’re going to be looking long and hard for WRs with top tier talent who are slipping for some reason or another. Mike Williams could be the perfect guy to nab a bit later, whether he cheated on his Astronomy mid-term or not.



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