Where Have All the Nose Tackles Gone?

25 Feb

Long time passing… Wilfork, Pickett, tagged by the Patsies and Packers respectively. Casey “The Inn” Hampton, locked up by the Stillers. Tank Johnson is intriguing, but Cincy is actively trying to lock him down too.

It’s looking more and more like we’ll be fishing for a big boy in the draft. Round 1? Dan Williams. Round 2? Maybe Terrence “Buffet Buster” Cody falls due to weight concerns. Round 3? Senior Bowl darling and fast riser Cam Thomas. After that, a handful of decent prospects. 325lb run stuffer Kade Weston is my sleeper, and not just ’cause I used to sell Cokes at Georgia games as a kid. UGA sends defenders to the NFL by the boatload, and they usually produce.

Jason Ferguson may be back, and may be healthy. Paul Soliai has shown flashes here and there. But NT is a serious need position this offseason, and the talent pool is shrinking fast.


One Response to “Where Have All the Nose Tackles Gone?”

  1. InFINcible February 26, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    So rumors are flying about Detroit possibly looking to move out of the 2 spot. So we swap pick 12 for pick 2, Nate Garner, and…???

    To be able to move up into spot 1 or 2 and get either Suh or McCoy. That’s gotta be a trade we can and should be able to make depending on the asking price.

    Thoughts? Parcells number??

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