Raiding Arizona?

27 Feb

Just watching offensive linemen try and crack the 5 second mark in the 40 this morning, considering the remote possibility that we succeed in prying the three little birds away from Arizona.

Suppose we do win the Dansby Derby, flip our 3rd rounder for Anquan, drop Gibril Wilson, and hang the Welcome Home banner for Antrel too? These moves would add three Pro Bowl quality players to our roster before the draft. And strangely, all three additions are within the realm of possibility.

With MLB, WR1 and FS squared away, we could turn our attention to NT, OLB, and TE. A possible scenario?

1st Round: NT Dan Williams, Tennessee – Three down player who will be a beast in the middle. Can not only plug the run, but also collapse the pocket.

2nd Round: OLB Ricky Sapp, Clemson – Not sure if Weatherspoon or Graham will be around at this point, but Sapp would a hell of a consolation prize. I could see Sapp and Wake coming off the edges for a long time.

3rd Round: WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona. Not yet 30, certainly more of a sure thing than any WR we’d get here.

4th Round: TE Jimmy Graham, Miami. I fancy him a taller Greg Olsen. The next basketball player turned All Pro TE? He’s a freak, and would give Henne a massive target (6′ 7″) with hands and speed to stretch the field.

Dansby, Rolle, Dan Williams and Sapp added to the defense? Anquan Boldin and Graham as new targets for Henne? I’d take that any day of the week.


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