The Moses Math

2 Mar

Miami DE/OLB hybrid Quentin Moses hasn’t seen a whole lot of playing time since he’s entered the league, which is strange considering he’s possibly the best defensive player to ever wear a uniform. That’s right, face it. Jason Taylor’s replacement is already on the roster, and he’s a 26 year-old, 6’5″, 260lb mass of furious vengeance named “Q”.

Six tackles and a sack in 43 snaps last season. Doesn’t seem too impressive, until you consider that there are about 60 defensive snaps a game. That’s 960 on the year. Line him up for a season and that’s over 22 sacks, and 132 tackles.

Q would immediately match Michael Strahan’s NFL single season sack record, while recording twice as many tackles. It’s simple math. Quentin Moses would wreck the league, leaving quarterbacks shattered, twisted heaps of bone and flesh, ground into the turf. Tackles would snap their necks watching him blaze past. Running backs would find themselves bent in half, probably even killed, by his infinitely greater strength. The field would become a Red Sea, of opposing players’ blood.

Or we’ll just cut him. Seems like a shame, since he has produced when given the snaps.


3 Responses to “The Moses Math”

  1. InFINcible March 2, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    You bring up something I’ve been thinking/feeling for a while now. I don’t think we have the right coaches in place to develop players. I’m really glad to have Nolan as our D coordinator and glad to see the LB coaches go. Its time to see growth and development from our players, not just during the offseason but during the season as well.

    Q. Moses, Charlie Anderson…I’m a fan. Let’s get these guys coached up and on the field.

    GO FINS!!

  2. danewen March 2, 2010 at 3:57 pm #


    Agreed. It’s very important to work with the guys you’ve already got on your roster. Miles Austin’s been kicking around on the Cowboys’ squad for a good while. They gave him an opportunity to shine, and he ran with it. The draft is exciting, and bringing in new talent is crucial, but you don’t want to forget about guys already in the fold.


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