The All Veteran Draft!

3 Mar

LB Karlos Dansby – Free agent signing
FS Antrel Rolle – Free agent signing
WR Brandon Marshall 1st and 3rd to Denver
WR Anquan Boldin 4th this year and 3rd in 2011
TE Greg Olsen 2nd to Chicago

Okay, so I’ve had too much caffeine. The havoc this would wreak on our payroll would be unprecedented, but talk about proven guys! Henne would have Ricky and Ronnie behind him, Olsen at TE, Marshall and Boldin out wide with Bess in the slot? I mean, not for nothin’, but the Saints and Colts met in the Super Bowl ’cause they could both flat out score.

And Mike Nolan would be given some help with Dansby and Rolle. Wake will need to step up, big time. I think Vontae, Sean, Yeremiah and Antrel would be vicious in the defensive backfield. We wouldn’t pick until day 3. We could go all defense with our three sixth rounders. A promising NT for Ferguson to mentor (Weston?). Maybe a raw OLB/DE prospect or two to work with (Selvie, Sheffield?). Maybe we grab WR Trindon Holliday in the late rounds to replace Ginn on returns (see below)?

And actually, cutting Porter, Wilson, Ginn and Ayodele would save us about $13 million. Would we miss any of those guys in the above scenario?

Damn you Starbuck’s, and your mind-altering lattes!


3 Responses to “The All Veteran Draft!”

  1. InFINcible March 3, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    Too much coffee or too much Madden?!

    That would be one helluva “draft”.

    GO FINS!!

  2. danewen March 3, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Picks schmicks. We’d have the best receiving tandem in the NFL, a top 5 TE, a Pro Bowl FS and the gem of the free agent linebacker crop. It would say to the NFL, “Squeak, click, click, squeak, click, squeak squeak.” Which of course means, “We’re competing NOW, bitches” in dolphin.

    • danewen March 3, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

      Big news. Brandon Marshall would only cost a first rounder now. So, if a team had the dough to pony up, it could probably have the best WR tandem in the NFL (Marshall and Anquan) for the cost of a 1st and a 3rd. Crazy.

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