Love Me Tenders

4 Mar

This will never happen, but just for discussion’s sake, what if all three of our tendered guys were signed away? The Chargers sign Ronnie, someone grabs Fasano, while another GM decides that Quentin Moses has enough untapped potential to warrant a 3rd rounder.

Miami would head into April’s draft with two firsts, two seconds and two thirds. Possible first three rounds (in an alternate universe, with no trades allowed):

#12. CJ Spiller. RB. Clemson. – Too explosive to ignore, and with Ronnie gone, and Ricky talking retirement, this is a no brainer.

#28 (from SD). Sean Weatherspoon. LB. Missouri – Stud. Stud. Stud.

2nd Round

Brandon LaFell. WR. LSU – Size and strength. I see a #1 WR in the making here.

Ricky Sapp. LB/DE. Clemson. With Weatherspoon already on board, my Lord this would be sick. JT, show him how to be great.

3rd Round

Cam Thomas. NT. North Carolina. – 3rd best NT in this draft. Lock him in the middle for the next eight years.

Dennis Pitta. TE. BYU – Amazing hands. Good speed. Ready to play from day 1. Fasano’s replacement, and then some.


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