The Tax Man Cometh

4 Mar

I sure as heck hope them thar fancy shmancy free agents are keeping an eye on the state income taxes. The Sunshine State currently offers an equally sunny 0.0% income tax rate.

Say Karlos “About to Be Rich as Balls” Dansby decides to sign with the Giants. Well, New York State will gladly peel away 6.85% of a $30m guaranteed contract. Heck, a $20million signing bonus (what Dansby’s reps are shooting for) would immediately send $1,370,000 to Albany, to be put towards roadway improvements and erasers for second graders. Over the course of the entire contract, millions would be paid in state taxes. Not so down in Florida.

So step right up, you muscular whipper-snappers. If you don’t mind alligators and old people, why not sign for a little less and come to Miami? You may actually be signing for more. Also, saving money is good, as evidenced by this stock photograph.


One Response to “The Tax Man Cometh”

  1. Eric March 4, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    But keep in mind that the agents make their commission off the deal, not what their clients pay in taxes. So when they’re looking for the big payoff, the big number to flash on ESPN, nobody’s going to be worried about the generous FL tax rate…

    So who makes the decisions — the player or the agent?

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