Our Points > Their Points = Victory

5 Mar

Nine of the top eleven scoring teams in the NFL made the playoffs last season. Scoring juggernauts New Orleans and Indy met in the big show, yet they were 25th and 18th respectively in total defense.

More than ever, the passing game was key to the success of these contenders. The Colts, Saints, Vikings, Cardinals, Eagles, Packers, Chargers, Patriots. These teams got yardage in chunks, mainly through the air. The Jets, the top rushing offense and top ranked defense in the league, backed into the playoffs due to fortunate scheduling. You can argue that the Jets’ slot in the playoffs rightly belonged to the Texans, who were the #1 passing team in the entire NFL.

Don’t get me wrong, Karlos Dansby would be a very nice addition to the team. However, he’s about to sign a deal befitting a Pro Bowl regular. Antrel Rolle would be a nice add too, as his signing would be coupled with the release of Gerbil Wilson, and his absurd salary.

But let us not neglect our offense. Brandon Marshall for a 1st rounder? Boldin for a 3rd? Greg Olsen for a 2nd? Dez or Spiller (CJ’s not a wideout, but he’s a “chunk yardage” player if there ever was one) at #12. LaFell, Benn, Thomas in the 2nd round? Field-stretching TE Ben Watson as an affordable free agent? There are options.

Let’s allow Mike Nolan to earn his money. He’s a scheme genius. After all, his is the guy who turned Elvis Dumervil into a star. Cameron Wake should be positively giddy about his arrival. There will be some legit LB prospects available at our second pick if we go Marshall, Dez or Spiller with our first rounder. Looks like we’ll be upgrading at free safety. Jason Taylor should return. Starks, Langford, Merling. Moses. Crowder. There are guys for Mike to work with. Let him throw on that Armani suit and coach ’em the hell up!

I want points. I want to stretch the field. I want our RBs to score more than two touchdowns over 20 yards. I want a 1,000 yard, 10 TD wideout. Let’s get a little dangerous on offense. Henne’s the guy. Let’s give him some more targets. Seems to be a winning formula these days.

Mike Nolan dresses nicer for pooping than Sparano does for church.


2 Responses to “Our Points > Their Points = Victory”

  1. InFINcible March 5, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    I agree with your thinking…but it’s the Dansby signing that will give us the flexibility to go after offensive playmakers. If we fail there we need to address it in the draft. Will he be overpaid, probably. But it’s about supply and demand and with all the RFA’s that never really hit the market there’s not enough supply. That being said Dansby isn’t a shabby player, and possibly will be an even better player under Nolan.

    Our 12th pick is gonna get something close to B. Marshall money so I say pay the guy and lets show that we want to win.

    GO FINS!!

    • danewen March 5, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

      I guess there are two kinds of flexibility, strategic and financial. Dansby would add to the former and detract from the latter.

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