The Safety Dance

6 Mar

We certainly wanted Antrel, but we weren’t prepared to give him the richest contract in the history of safeties. The GPS in our Brinks truck was locked onto Karlos Dansby yesterday. However, we kicked Gibril Wilson to the curb anyway, leaving a safety position wide open.

Seems a bit premature, as it can’t help our bargaining position moving forward. Even if we planned on releasing Wilson eventually, this now gives agents a bit more leverage when it comes to our future moves at the position. Jeff Ireland recently went out of his way to praise Gibril (smart for negotiating his replacement), only to dump him and leave us naked as a jaybird back there (not smart for negotiating his replacement).

Well, what’s done is done, and as of press time The Bottlenose wasn’t in control of the franchise. So, looking ahead, what awaits the Miami Dolphins at safety?

Firstly, let’s allow for the possibility of a promotion from within. Chris Clemons is a speed demon, who certainly has the athleticism. Tony Sparano has gushed about Tyrone Culver in the past, and could be hoping for him to step up. But more than likely we’ll be looking to remaining free agents or the draft for Yeremiah Bell’s partner in crime.

There are two free agents to keep an eye on (although players are getting cut left and right, and more options could emerge), Ryan Clark and O.J. Atogwe. The Steelers were unable to lock Clark up before free agency began. He’s a warrior. A four-year-starter knows for big hits, and his extreme lack of spleen and gall bladder. He will turn 31 during the 2010 season. Atogwe was the Rams franchise player last year, but they’re allowing him to conjure up offers this year. O.J. is considered the Rams’ best defensive back, and it was surprising that he wasn’t stuck with a first and third tender. lists Atogwe as the #1 free agent safety. There remains a health market for safety help, and neither Clark or Otogwe are expected to come cheap.

There are three youngsters who could be considered at the #12 pick in the draft. Eric Berry is a beast. The Tennessee product is a complete player, and if he falls to #12 it will be akin to Quentin Moses parting the Red Sea. Longhorn Earl Thomas is another blue-chipper, and some analysts have him ranked ahead of Berry. Thomas is smaller than Eric, but could easily be thrown in as a cornerback if needed. And of course there’s USC freak Taylor Mays. The buzz around his 40-yard dash hasn’t died down yet. Faster than hell, and a big time hitter. His ball skills may seem to be the weakest part of his game. But with his physical skills, it seems like that could be easily improved.

If we wait, there are a couple of guys with second round grades. LSU’s Chad Jones is a 230lb bruiser, who runs a 4.5. He isn’t an experienced as Berry or Thomas, but has unlimited upside. The Dolphins could also keep Nate Allen in South Florida. The USF product is good at a lot of things, and projects as a solid pro. Still, some question his coverage ability.

And lastly, a special, Bottlenosed shout-out to Georgia Bulldog Reshad Jones, who may be available in the third round. All the physical ability in the world, and likes to lay folks out. Ball skills could be an issue though.

I don’t think we’ll promote from within. I think we’re wide open at free safety, and I think we need to make sure that Gibril’s replacement…well…sucks less than he did.

S…A…F…E…T…Y… Safe…Dance…. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beedeedeedeep…beep beep beep beep beep beep beedeedeedeep. You know the song.

Let's go dancing.


One Response to “The Safety Dance”

  1. InFINcible March 8, 2010 at 8:11 am #

    I just don’t see safety as a position you draft every year. Hell hopefully we don’t draft another QB this year. So do you think they give up on Clemons? Clark will sign at least a 3 year deal at which point Clemons will probably be a RFA. The only thing I remember about Clark is he ran his mouth about the Pats and Belichick was like who is he anyways. Long story short they attacked him all game and it wasn’t pretty.Disclosure I have a poor memory but I’m sure I’ve got the right guy.

    GO FINS!

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