Will We Play Poker with Coker the Toker?

13 Mar

Lamarcus Coker was a monster recruit at Tennessee who ended up getting kicked off the team for four failed marijuana tests. Yep. Four. They sent him to rehab, to specialists, to Siberian work camps, but LC kept peeing positive.

Lamarcus was immediately courted by I-AA schools, where he wouldn’t have to sit out a year. Coker chose Hampton, where there is apparently a zero tolerance policy. Lamarcus excelled. He made the All Conference team, was named Team Captain, and hasn’t had a single disciplinary issue. Oh, and he also runs a 4.3 40-yard dash (some have clocked him in the high 4.2s) at 5’11”, 205lbs.

A gifted back with a weed problem? We certainly know a little about that. All indications are that Coker has left that chapter (or four chapters) of his life behind him. Perhaps Ricky and Lamarcus would hit it off, helping one another deal with their demons and focus on football? Or perhaps they’d hop the next flight to Amsterdam?

For the cost of a 5th rounder, it might be worth finding out.


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