The NFL Draft Sweet Spots

15 Mar

I mean, we all know the joy of finding that last pair of flat-front Michael Kors khaki shorts hiding on the Bloomingdale’s clearance rack, and the flabbergasted look on the clerk’s face when you walk out with a $149 pair of shorts for $18. Right? Um…Right? Anyone? Okay, forget that analogy. I didn’t come up with it, some considerably less macho guy did. The point is that there is a “sweet spot” at which the price you’re paying is far less than the value you receive.

Such is also the case in the NFL draft. I think there are a few “sweet spots” in the 2010 NFL Draft, where the player you’ll get will be as productive as the guys going considerably higher up.

First there’s the second round wide receiver. Dez Bryant will go up top, with perhaps another wideout or two in the first round. But of the “sidekicks” to Bryant (Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn, Brandon LaFell, Demaryius Thomas), one or two should make it to pick 43. Waiting will be dangerous business, as WR is such a serious need for Miami. Still, if The Trifecta thinks that the second tier guys aren’t worlds apart from Dez (or if Dez’s attitude scares them off), they may gamble and hope that this is where we’ll finally grab our #1 wideout.

I also think that our second round pick could also be an excellent sweet spot to grab an OLB/DE hybrid guy for our 3-4. The potential of Clemson’s Ricky Sapp, or TCU’s Jerry Hughes rivals that of the gentlemen who will hear their names called in the first frame, but one or both of them could very well drop to #43.

Lastly, the fourth round seems like it could be the money spot to grab our tight end of the future. Jimmy Graham, Dennis Pitta, Dorin Dickerson, Ed Dickson, and Aaron Hernandez are all names that could still be on the board at pick 12 of round 4. They all have an excellent chance to be productive right off the bat. I think a few of them will be All Pros for years to come.

Waiting for the sweet spot can always backfire, as a sudden run on linebackers or wideouts could ruin the whole plan. However, that’s the nature of the draft. Picking your spots can allow you to simply draft the best player available at other slots. I don’t think Parcells is the type of guy who likes reaching for players. I can see the Dolphins letting the draft come to them, confident that when their picks roll around there will be a great pair of shorts or two left on the rack. And by pairs of shorts I of course mean players who will retire from the Dolphins in 13 years as no-brainer first-ballot Hall-of-Famers.

"The Sweet Spot Six"?, Jerry Hughes, Ricky Sapp, Ed Dickson, Jimmy Graham, Brandon LaFell, Demaryius Thomas


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    What’s a “Pingback”? Anybody? I’m too old for this sh*#.


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