Fun with a Four Round Mock

16 Mar has a nice little four round mock ( Using that as the guide for who’s available when the Dolphins pick, what four players would you draft?

My picks?

1. Earl Thomas, FS Texas
2. Demaryius Thomas, WR Georgia Tech
3. Torell Troup, NT Central Florida
4. Jimmy Graham, TE Miami

No fooling around in the defensive backfield. Some pundits even have Earl Thomas pegged ahead of the superhuman Eric Berry. Seems that Earl is visiting the Dolphins soon, so there is obviously interest on our part. I believe Demaryius Thomas would be a fantastic addition in round 2, a #1 WR for Henne to grow with. Torell Troup was a top 5 NT sitting there in the 3rd round, and with Ferg’s issues we can’t mess around with the middle of our D-line. In the fourth round we add our TE of the future, nabbing physical freak Jimmy Graham. He will be learning on the job, but he will drive defensive coordinators insane with his combination of size and speed.

Anyway, blah blah blah. What would you do? You’re on the clock.


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