Is Our Free Safety Already in Davie?

19 Mar

Will Allen is a good cornerback, but Sean Smith and Vontae Davis seem to be justly locked in as starters. So what are we to do with the guy? Does he really just come in on passing downs? His future as a full-timer could be at the currently vacant free safety position.

Aeneas Williams, Rod Woodson, Ronnie Lott, and a host of other corners have made the switch to safety, with great success. A strong cover guy like Allen would be a nice counterpoint to Yeremiah Bell, who’s more of an enforcer.

Allen’s ability and willingness to make the move to safety could go a long way to solidifying our draft plans. A decision between Dez Bryant and Earl Thomas (or between Cam Thomas and Nate Allen, or between Koa Misi and Reshad Jones) could be made easier, knowing that Will would be at FS for at least through 2011. We’ve got no backup plan at WR1. Our backup plan at NT is shite (at least until week 9). We might not have Jason Taylor back at DE/OLB. Seems like those might be more pressing needs than free safety, with a quality player like Allen there to step in.

Will is set to make $5 million this season, and that’s a hefty price tag for a part-time corner. Will has already said flat out that he will be starting this season. This declaration could actually come true if he’s willing to move about twenty feet further back in the secondary.


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