Finding the Fantastic Four Phins

20 Mar

We’re four away, people. I can feel it. Four gaping holes between us and, dare I dream, a playoff win or two. WR, FS, NT, and TE. I don’t count OLB/DE, ’cause I’m assuming that JT’s return is a formality. I would ride into battle with Taylor and Wake on the ends, so I can’t put that need on the same level as the others. Same with RB, where we currently have Ricky and a returning Ronnie Brown, though we need to tend to the position soon. How we could do it…

RFA Brandon Marshall. Cost? 1st Rounder (Or possibly a 2nd and a 4th or something along those lines) and the salary of his new life coach.

RFA Miles Austin. Cost? 1st and a 3rd, but Jerry Jones ain’t gonna let him go anywhere.

RFA Vincent Jackson. Cost? 1st and a 3rd, and this one. Like Miles Austin, this is thought to be nearly impossible to get done.

STUD ROOKIE Dez White. Cost? 1st Rounder and the salary of his new life coach.

SECOND TIER STUD ROOKIES Arrelious Benn, Brandon LaFell, Demaryius Thomas or Golden Tate. Cost? 2nd Rounder. Someone falls here at #43. But is it the right one of these guys going to be left on the board?

THIRD TIER ROOKIES Mardy Gilyard, Andre Roberts. Waiting ’til the third probably means waiting a while longer for big time play at WR. I hope we’ve addressed the position before this point.

STUD ROOKIE Eric Berry. If his foot is removed in a lumberjacking accident before the draft, he might fall to 12.

STUD ROOKIE Earl Thomas. This is our most realistic chance to acquire an immediate starter at free safety in the draft. The cover skills and athleticism are all there, and Mike Mayock swears on the King James Bible that Thomas is better than Berry.

SECOND TIER STUD ROOKIE Taylor Mays. I have seen a mock or two that have him falling to #43 due to some questions about his ball skills. But I think his pure athleticism and toughness would be too tough to pass up this low. Morgan Burnett or Nate Allen could conceivably be drafted here too, but they are far from sure things.

THIRD TIER ROOKIES. Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Chad Jones. There are some intriguing guys, but no immediate fixes, in my opinion.

THE WILL ALLEN SWITCHEROO. He’s a very solid cover corner, who may be superfluous with the emergence of our rookie CBs. I would sleep easy if Will was our FS heading into 2010. Hell, at his $5,000,000 price tag he’d better start somewhere.

STUD ROOKIE Dan Williams at #12. He would fill a need, but how much better is he than the guys below?

SECOND TIER STUD ROOKIES Terrence Cody or Cam Thomas at #43. Cody is starting to right the ship after showing up to the Combine the size of The Queen Mary. Still, he could fall to us here. Cam was once thought to be a 3rd rounder, but his stock has risen steadily.

THIRD TIER ROOKIES. Make no mistake, Linval Joseph and Torrell Troup are nothing to sneeze at. In the 3rd or 4th round they would make great sense for a team who just lost its 54-year-old NT to a PED suspension, but may want to use its higher picks on other positions.

THE SLEEPERS. Georgia’s Kade Weston and LSU’s Al Woods are both emerging as legit starting nose tackle prospects. Of course, the longer we wait, the more work it’s going to take to get these guys ready.


STUD TRADE BAIT, Greg Olsen. Cost? A 2nd round pick (but maybe our high 3rd and a seventh thrown in).The rumors about his availability have been tweeted and chirped around the world wide web for weeks now. Perhaps, just maybe, there is some truth to them.

STUD ROOKIE TIGHT END. The bad news? There isn’t anyone worthy of the #12 pick. The good news? It’s an exceptional class this year, and I think there are studs to be had throughout the first four rounds. Jermaine Gresham would probably take our 2nd rounder, but the next six guys are ticketed anywhere between the 2nd and 4th. The Dolphins could end up with compelling prospects Dennis Pitta, Jimmy Graham, Ed Dickson, Dorin Dickerson, Aaron Hernandez or Ron Gronkowski, without giving up too high of a pick. I really like this crop of guys, and I really like our chances of nabbing a bit time field-stretcher for Henne to play with.

Just some ramblings about where our answers might emerge…


2 Responses to “Finding the Fantastic Four Phins”

  1. InFINcible March 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

    Do we still take mcclain at 12 and move Dansby to OLB. The good news in my opinion is our positions of need happen to also be deep positions in the draft. With pick 12 you’ve gotta go BPA ala Spiller or Bryant. Not to keen on a FS in Rd.1, let’s get a game changer. I’m content with all the “2nd tier” guys roinds 2-7.

    GO FINS!!

  2. danewen March 20, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    McClain is falling a bit on draft boards. I don’t see us taking him over Earl, Dez, or Spiller even, especially with Taylor/Wake on the edges. I think we’ll keep Dansby inside, with Crowder alongside him. Not a bad quartet to have at all. With Will Allen around to possibly play free safety, and no tight ends worth drafting at 12, signs could be pointing to Dez (or Brandon Marshall, pretty please). Although Dez better run a 40-yard dash one of these weeks. There are growing questions…

    Spiller is a dream of mine. Spiller/LaFell? Spiller/Benn? Spiller/Demaryius? We could really juice up the offense with those picks in rounds 1+2. Move Allen to free safety, grab a NT in round 3, and a TE in round 4?

    1 RB CJ Spiller
    2 WR Demaryius Thomas
    3 NT Torrell Troup
    4 TE Dennis Pitta
    FS Will Allen

    That could plug our biggest holes AND give us the playmaker of the draft in Spiller. We could really start lighting up some scoreboards. With Nolan coming in, Wake being unleashed full throttle, a studly young NT in the mix, Dansby quarterbacking the defense, and a quality cover guy at free safety, our defense would be improved as well.

    When’s the damned draft already?!

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