Ricky’s Massage Career Postponed Indefinitely!

21 Mar

Ricky has retained uber-agent Drew Rosenhaus’s services, and is interested playing beyond next year. Ricky is no spring chicken, but remember that he’s spent a good amount of that time resting up and watching ‘Harold and Kumar’. As the Drive By Truckers would say, “Them’s highway miles.”

So presumably, since Ricky breached his Dolphin contract to the tune of a gazillion dollars, we’ll get a fair shot at retaining his services beyond 2010. Perhaps we could work something out soon?

That would help to clarify our draft situation. If both Ricky and Ronnie could very well be elsewhere (or working on someone’s lumbar area with a green tea oil) after this season, then we’ll need to keep an eye out for a studly rookie running back to groom for future sea mammalian stardom. Spiller? Jahvid Best? LeGarrette Blount? Montario Hardesty? LaMarcus Coker? We might need someone to step in sooner than we think.

Ricky's Reiki Roadhouse may not open for a few years.


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