Anyone Care to Step Up?

25 Mar

I hope The Quadfecta (yes, Nolan deserves to be included) is watching the balls off of Dolphin game film, because it stands to reason that there are a couple of answers on our roster already. Diagnosing those players before the draft will be crucial if we hope to take the field in 2010 without any glaring holes.

If we believe Will Allen is willing and able to step in at free safety, we could leave an Earl Thomas on the board and look elsewhere. And if we don’t think Ted Ginn, Brian Hartline or Patrick Turner are going to blossom into #1 WRs, that elsewhere could be Dez Bryant. However, if we don’t invite Jason Taylor back for another (perhaps farewell) season, we’ve got to decide if we think Quentin Moses or Charlie Anderson are game enough to step into his place. If we don’t like what we’ve seen from “Q” or Charlie, then we could look for our OLB/DE very early. By the same token, we don’t get Jason Ferguson back until week 9. We’ve got to decide if Paul Soliai is our guy at nose tackle, at least until then. If opponents have gashed us up the middle for the first half of the season, Ferg’s return may be too little, too late. Additionally we’ve got to decide if Anthony Fasano’s down season was just a hiccup, or if we’re willing to ride into battle with him as our starting tight end. Is Kory Sperry worth getting a closer look at as a playmaker, or do we grab Jermaine Gresham in the second?

It’s an ornate tapestry of what-ifs and who-cans, a cascading waterfall of judgment calls and guesses, a dizzying whirlpool of potential and muscle.

We’d better find some guys already on the payroll, ’cause the idea of getting five immediate, quality starters in a draft is an unstoppable typhoon of sadness and broken dreams.

Any of these lads ready to take away a question mark?


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