The Next Undrafted Stars?

29 Mar

Would Dolphin fans like to have Pat Williams in the middle of our defensive line? How about Bart Scott at ILB next to Dansby? Or maybe Antonio Gates breaking free along the seam for a 40-yard touchdown catch? You bet your blowhole. Well these monster players were all undrafted.

When the dust clears from April’s draft weekend, the Quadfecta (again, Nolan is a bad-ass, and should henceforth be included) will be scouring their draft board for the best of the rest, guys who for some reason or another haven’t been snatched up during the festivities.

Just a look at some very interesting guys, at some need positions, who are currently on the brink of being drafted. The Dolphins have had a lot of luck with undrafted guys in the past (Wes Welker, Davone Bess, Larry Little, Adewale Ogunleye), and hopefully we can bring in a handful of these gentlemen for a gander.

TE JEFF CUMBERLAND, ILLINOIS – This former WR may not have enjoyed great production in college (The Illini don’t exactly have a high-flying offense, and Arreilous Benn got the lion’s share of passes), but he’s 6’4″, 250lbs and runs a sub 4.5 40 yard dash. Imagine Dorin Dickerson, 25lbs heavier. If we decide to head into 2010 with Fasano as our starter, Cumberland could be the guy to prep for future stardom.

NT TRAVIS IVEY, MARYLAND – This 340lb behemoth seems to be falling through the cracks. There are some technique issues, but this guy could be a beast if developed properly.

S KENDRICK LEWIS, OLE MISS – The guy isn’t timing well, but anyone who watches SEC football knows that this kid is a baller. He plays faster than he sprints, and that will show when a team brings him into camp.

OLB/DE DANIEL TE’O-NESHEIM, WASHINGTON – All motor, all the time. And it isn’t like his workout stats are shabby either. I can’t imagine this guy failing. He simply won’t allow it to happen.

These guys are built like Dustin Hoffman, but both are track guys with speed to burn. At the very least you could plug either one in as a kick return monster. Both run in the 4.3 range. The trick would be to find some touches for them on offense. Big plays were a problem for us, and these guys are threats to go the distance whenever they get the ball.


NT KADE WESTON, UGA -Massive space-eater just needs work on his technique.

NT MARTIN TEVASEU, UNLV – Lost 100lbs, to get down to 330! Great work ethic and run stuffing ability.

NT EKOM UDOFIA, STANFORD – Weight room beast did 35 reps, and can squat 700lbs. He won’t sniff the QB, but this guy could be a solid run-stuffer.

DE/OLB JUNIOR GALETTE, STILLMAN COLLEGE – Great speed and pass rushing ability, but will need some teaching up.

DE/OLB STEVENSON SYLVESTER, UTAH – Another guy who tests slower than he plays. He is a sideline to sideline player, with a great motor. A bit short, but there is a spark here.

Our Dolphins have some serious holes to fill, and some serious work to do. I hope the guys at the top save some of their best work for when the draft concludes, when some very talented players are still looking for work.

Ivey, Te'o Nesheim, Cumberland, Lewis


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