Henne’s Future Targets?

31 Mar

The always stimulating Profootballtalk.com ran an interesting pair of articles today, projecting where the wide receivers and tight ends would go in the upcoming draft.

They had our beloved Dolphins making the leap with Dez Bryant at #12. This is looking like a possibility after Bryant’s mediocre workout. He forgot his cleats, and ran slower than expected in a pair of borrowed ones. Still, his film doesn’t lie, and if Dez is there when the sea mammals are on the clock we may be foolish to pass him up.

They also project Miami to grab Oregon TE Ed Dickson in the 4th round, which is exactly the “sweet spot” I envision. This round looks like the last chance for a starter-quality, field-stretching tight end, and Dickson would certainly be that.

I wouldn’t complain at all if things fell this way on draft weekend. This would add two strong targets for Henne to play with, and leave a second and third for us to focus on other areas (hopefully a couple of defensive stalwarts).

Yeah, I used the word “stalwarts”. Jealous?

Dez and Dickson, Henne's future honeys?


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