Dolphins Daring Taylor to Sign Elsewhere

8 Apr

The Dolphins have said that they will not be dealing with the signing (or not signing) of Jason Taylor until after the draft.

This is tough stuff. Jason has just been helicoptered around Manhattan by the Jets. At any moment the Patsies could fill him full of clam chowder and take him around the Freedom Trail via horse and buggy. And who knows what other teams might be willing to lock him down for a year or two coming off the edge, and be willing to do so before the Rams are on the clock?

If he signs elsewhere (without giving us a chance to match the offer) before draft weekend that will leave us with yet another hole to fill. The chances of drafting a starting quality DE/OLB, NT, FS, WR, OG and TE are similar to the odds of a field mouse digging up an ancient catapult, restoring it, then successfully firing it through the uprights from mid-field during a tropical storm. So only about one in four.

Of course, we could fill other positions in the draft, and Jason could still decide to sign elsewhere. That would be a bit of a pickle, though I’ve always had a hunch that Quentin Moses would fill in admirably (see my prior post at

Perhaps the Trifecta feels that we have a replacement already in the wings? Or perhaps they just want to see if an elite OLB/DE falls into our laps at pick 12, or 43? That would probably mean lights out for Jason in SoFlo. If such a value isn’t to be had, the Trifecta may feel that Jason will still line up with the good guys for another season.

The Bottlenose is torn. It would be lovely to see Jason finish out his playing days in Miami. But it’s also true that either way we’ll need to start planning for life without him in the near future. Or perhaps the future is now?

In the tragic 'Dancing with the Stars' finale, Jason accidentally crushed his partner's fingers like sticks of old chalk.


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