Mock Draft Piggyback of the Week

9 Apr

Today we take a gander at’s latest mock, updated yesterday. This is one of the few full, seven round mocks there are. So, thank you Mike for not only doing a full mock, but also for writing something about each and every pick. I salute you.

So, I’m not going to worry about who Mike says is going to the Dolphins. Instead, I’m going to go through and pick for the Phins, based on who’s still on the board. Also, for this one I am going to assume that Jason Taylor decides to follow LT to the Meadowlands, in order to try and secure an elusive Super Bowl ring. Argh.

1st. FS Earl Thomas -Best player on the board, at a need position. FYI, Dez went at #10 to Jacksonville.

2nd. WR Arrelious Benn – A stroke of luck, as perhaps the second best wideout prospect falls to 43. For the record, Golden Tate was available too. I want some size though.

3rd. OLB/DE Ricky Sapp – First round ability, some injury history. But to find a JT replacement in the 3rd is solid. I like this kid.

4th. TE Ed Dickson – This guy is a true field-stretcher. Benn and Dickson would be fantastic toys to add to Henne’s arsenal.

6th. NT Jeff Owens – 44 reps on the bench press? A 4.8 40, at 305lbs? Jeff was lost in the shuffle a bit at Georgia, but could be the answer in the middle.

6th. OG Kevin Matthews – Bruce Matthews’ son projects to be a very solid guard, and Justin Smiley is apparently on his way out. A great value pick here, that would help keep our OL churning.

6th. RB Lonyae Miller – This kid was overshadowed by Ryan Matthews in Fresno, but he’s a very good back. We’ve got to look at this position, as Ronnie could leave via free agency soon, and Ricky may retire in the near future.

7th. MLB Boris Lee – The Troy product plays faster than he times. Some depth in the middle, and a special teams ace in the making. But this kid has a certain set of intangibles that I think could turn him into much more.

I would be pleased as punch with this haul. I have petitioned the league to make my picks count officially. We’ll see how that turns out.


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