Piggybacking the Draftinsiders.com Mock Draft

12 Apr

Okay, this one’s a four rounder, and it is hot off the press. For those of you unfamiliar with The Bottlenose’s “piggybacking” process, this has little to do with who the mock author selected on the Dolphins’ behalf. Instead we make our own selections based on who is still on the board.

Now I am, for the sake of discussion, assuming that Jason Taylor is as good as gone. I know, I know, Sparano is supposed to sit down with JT this week. I say Jason’s going to try and get a ring in The Big Apple, though I shudder at the notion.

First Round – WR DEZ BRYANT. Dez is there, and Dez is the pick. Draft Insiders send Sergio Kindle our way, but I won’t do it. We need a #1 WR, for crying out loud. Let’s keep defenses from putting eight men in the box, and let’s give Henne a monster to throw to.

Second Round – NT TERRENCE CODY. Here I agree with Draft Insiders. Finding him at pick 43 isn’t so far fetched. The kid has taken some hits re: conditioning, though he’s improved since his disastrous weigh-in. This guy could simply stop OL push for the next ten years.

Third Round – DE/OLB JERMAINE CUNNINGHAM. Here’s the next Jason Taylor. This guy has been lost in the shuffle a bit, though he could easily end up outshining Florida teammates Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Spikes when they suit up on Sundays.

Fourth Round – TE JIMMY GRAHAM. Simply put, a physical freak. A basketball player turned pass catcher (Antonio Gates anyone?), who has been turning heads with amazing workouts. Not to mention he looked good in the Senior Bowl. He’s almost 6’7″, and runs a 4.53 40. Wow.

Safety? Well, perhaps round six would provide some value? Perhaps Chris Clemons or Tyrone Culver should get long looks? Will Allen could slide over from corner. No matter who’s at FS they will be alongside Sean Smith, Vontae Davis and Yeremiah Bell, so they won’t be completely thrown to the wolves.

Henne gets a #1 WR and a stud pass-catching TE to work with. Our defense gets a monster in the middle in Mount Cody, and a stud pass rushing end in Cunningham. I go WR, NT, DE/OLB and TE in this scenario, and there’s nothing any of you can do about it. So there.

Could this be the next Jason Taylor?


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