Brandt Hints at Surprise Pick, Bottlenose Smirks, Rolls Eyes

20 Apr

Venerable analyst and longtime Parcells-pal Gil Brandt claims to know Miami’s target for pick twelve. He wouldn’t name names, but said that it would be a surprise pick.

More likely than not he is simply doing Bill a solid, helping to scare teams interested in CJ Spiller or Dez Bryant into trading with us, should either of them last ’til pick twelve. With Jason leaving for the Jets, the Dolphins now have another major hole to plug in the draft. You have to think the Trifecta would love to have a second rounder again via trade.

If we’d be happy with Earl Thomas, Brandon Graham, Jason Pierre-Paul, Dan Williams, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Sean Weatherspoon, Derrick Morgan, Taylor Mays, Jermaine Gresham, Everson Griffin and Terrence Cody, then trading down would be a no-brainer. Some of those guys will most likely be there for us later in the round.

Heck, a couple could last ’til our shiny new second pick, should we acquire one.

Gil Brandt, pants on fire?


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