Jason Jets

20 Apr

Well, clearly the Trifecta had no warm fuzzies for JT. They didn’t want to even discuss a deal until after the draft, while the Jets were willing to pony up some dough right now to secure his services.

It’s never a happy day when something like this happens, but try and remember that this will be merely a tiny asterisk on a career spent battling valiantly for the SoFlo Sea Mammals. Jason will be honored in Miami once he hangs up his cleats, with his name unveiled in the Ring of Honor. He will enter the Hall of Fame as a Miami Dolphin. He will eventually be given a supporting role on ‘Days of Our Lives’ as a Miami Dolphin. Ten months playing in New Jersey won’t change any of that.

Now, let’s look at this as a football decision. Jason logged a career low 33 tackles last season, about two a game. He piled up just seven sacks in a full, sixteen game schedule. Not to mention his agent made it clear that he would be looking to negotiate Jason missing a chunk of offseason workouts. You think Parcells is a fan of that negotiating point?

Ask yourselves, will Jermaine Cunningham or Eric Norwood come into rookie camp asking how much time they can miss? Of course not. Will Brandon Graham or Ricky Sapp be good for more than seven sacks in a full time role? Will Quentin Moses (just re-signed today, as the Jets announced the JT deal)? We think they would.

Clearly the Trifecta didn’t feel the production was worth the investment. They are making the decision to get younger (and probably cheaper) at the position. Jason will forever be in our hearts, even if he will now count that weird fireman guy who rides on the other guy’s shoulders as a fan. Seriously, what is that about?


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