But Suppose Brandt Ain’t Lying His Dentures Off

21 Apr

Then who could the “surprise” pick be at #12?
Our top five guesses:

1. BRANDON GRAHAM DE/OLB – Surprising this high, but not as surprising when you consider the need, with JT headed to the Big Apple and whatnot. The Dolphin braintrust witnessed Graham’s destructive force at the Senior Bowl, and it may have never left their minds. Graham and Wake off the edges? Not bad at all.

2. CJ SPILLER RB – Perhaps The Trifecta paid close attention to the plethora of scoring juggernauts that made up the 2009 playoff brackets. Spiller can do it all, and is truly a threat to score whenever he touches the ball (most overused expression in football). Not to mention Ricky may not play much longer, and Ronnie’s a free agent at the end of this season.

3. DEZ BRYANT WR – A huge stretch, we know. This would also be about scoring. Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant could give defensive coordinators nightmares (second most overused expression in football) for years to come.

4. JERMAINE GRESHAM TE – Suppose everyone in the front office was really, really sad about Anthony Fasano’s disappearing act this past year. Now suppose you thought Gresham was the most complete tight end to enter the NFL in a decade. Oh yeah, also about points, points, points. Henne would love having Gresham as a target.

5. TERRENCE CODY NT – What if The Trifecta isn’t buying into the tumble Cody’s stock has experienced since his tragic weigh-in? What if they think he will blow up offensive lines for the next ten years? What if they don’t like Dan Williams occasional disappearing act?

Just taking a stab at some surprise picks, should the Dolphins actually have a curveball planned. They would most certainly try and trade down, if they felt their target(s) would last into the
late first round. But trading down is usually easier said than done.

So perhaps they’ll just stay put, and pull something crazy out of their blowholes?


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