Cobbs Can’t Conjure Classic Kickoff Combustion

21 Apr

Patrick Cobbs was mysteriously granted kick return duties for a sizeable chunk of last season. Though he wasn’t bad at it (22+ yards per return), he was virtually no threat to take it the distance, never ever ever never ever never never ever.

Ted Ginn may have only averaged a couple of yards more per return, but his gift for breaking them big single-handedly won at least one game for us. Now, the Ted Ginn experiment is over.

I implore The Trifecta (I know for a fact they scour The Bottlenose every morning over bagels and Sunny D) not to enlist Cobbs as our return man once again. It is easily worth the cost of a 6th or 7th round pick to secure the services of a Trindon Holliday, Antonio Brown or Lamarcus Coker. These guys could creatively be infused into our offensive playcalling, but would immediately pay dividends in the return game.

We have seen how a dangerous returner can deliver victory, and I don’t think we currently have said returner on the roster. Go get one!


2 Responses to “Cobbs Can’t Conjure Classic Kickoff Combustion”

  1. brett DROGMUND April 21, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    yo Bottlenose….. do you think Pat White has the skill set to be a return man?

    • danewen April 21, 2010 at 11:30 am #

      Droggie Style,

      Pat certainly has the speed and shiftiness. It would be an interesting experiment. Seems a shame getting him just nine touches a year, doesn’t it? At least that would get the ball in his hands. 5 – 6 touches a game on kickoff/punt returns? Maybe a few Wildcat snaps? Might slightly justify the second rounder we spent on him.

      Good thinkin’. If we don’t add that guy in the late rounds, or as an unsigned free agent, Pat could be our only hope for many happy returns.

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