Pat White Must Be Our New Kick Return Jedi! Who’s With Us?

21 Apr

A couple of posts ago I begged the Dolphins not to re-install Patrick “Never Going to Return a Kick for a TD” Cobbs as our kick returner. I implored The Trifecta to grab a return specialist and offensive project in the late rounds, or as a free agent (I gave Trindon Holliday, Antonio Brown, and Lamarcus Coker as examples).

Then, out of the blue, longtime Bottlenose reader Brett “Droggie Style” Drogmund volunteers Pat White for the job. And gosh darn it, I think that’s a pretty great idea!

Pat White touched the ball an average of one and a half times a game. This is our second round pick we’re talking about, with 4.4 speed and a highlight reel that rivals any you can Google. Less than two touches a game? Really? A guy that explosive?

There has been talk of switching Pat to wide receiver, now that Chad “Hemi” Henne has cemented the starting QB job, and Ronnie Brown seems to be the preferred conductor of the Wildcat. We don’t doubt Pat’s ability to learn the position, in time. But how about getting this remarkable player on the field sooner rather than later?

The Dolphins returned 104 punts and kicks last season. That’s between six and seven touches a game. The Bottlenose believes that it would be silly to have Pat “Take it to the House” White on the sidelines for those snaps. Those can be game-changing touches, as evidenced by Ted Ginn. And make no mistake, Pat White has the skill set to make a hell of a return man.

Take a gander, Dolphin faithful. The tape speaks for itself.


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