Thick, Quick Odrick a Slick Pick?

23 Apr

We were waiting for Roger “Crazylegs” Goodell to read Sergio “Crazylegs” Kindle’s name. Most of the Dolphin Nation was. And why not? We had successfully traded down, adding a high second rounder. Quite unexpectedly, the guy a gazillion mock drafts had ticketed for Miami at #12 was still on the clock at 28. But Parcells and the guys threw us a curveball, taking Penn State defensive lineman Jared “Crazylegs” Odrick instead.

Odrick is a beast, a 6’5″, 305lb specimen who runs a sub 5.00 40 and can simply win in the trenches with regularity. It’s unclear just yet how the Dolphins plan to use him, but Jared is prepared to excel in a variety of formations and situations. He has the frame to add a little more bulk, and does have some experience at nose tackle.

It’s tough to judge this pick now, without seeing what we do tomorrow and Saturday. The Trifecta saw plenty of this guy in Mobile, and believes he’s got the goods. The trade from 12 to 28 leaves us on the clock just seven picks into the next round, and we’ve got plenty of options.

Kindle remains undrafted, apparently due to an undisclosed medical issue. Also still on the board? LB/DE hybrids Koa “Crazylegs” Misi, Ricky “Crazylegs” Sapp, and Navorro “Crazylegs” Bowman. We could add Terrence “Crazylegs” Cody as a pure NT. Safeties Taylor “Crazylegs” Mays, Morgan “Crazylegs” Burnett and Nate “Crazylegs” Allen are still out there as well.

At least two new Dolphins will join the fold tomorrow. Hopefully they will provide answers at key positions. We’d love Burnett in the 2nd, then Jermaine “Crazylegs” Cunningham in the 3rd. But hey, we’re not in the War Room, and it isn’t our call. Yet.

Whoever we draft from here on out, we will be hoping that at least one of their legs is somewhat mentally unstable. As we all know, studies show that prospects with the craziest legs usually produce on the next level.

Odrick, stone cold chillin' in the Walmart electronics section.


4 Responses to “Thick, Quick Odrick a Slick Pick?”

  1. Craig April 23, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Bowman would be a good pick. I think he’s falling a bit because of character issues, but Parcells can sort that out.

    • danewen April 23, 2010 at 8:00 am #

      “Crazylegs” Bowman? From Penn State? Or Eddie “Sane Legs” Bowman from Franklin College?

  2. Jim May 7, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    I was so surprised when we picked odrick and passed on Kindle in the first cuz he was my fav playyer then when we passed on him in the secont I was so mad and I was dissapointed I think we should have taken Kindle but whatever.

    • danewen May 8, 2010 at 1:33 am #

      No doubt Kindle’s a beast, but plenty of teams were concerned about his knee. I guess the Dolphins included. Definitely flashier than Koa Misi, but I think we’re going to see a lot from Koa. All motor, all the time.

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