Four Fabulous Fins?

24 Apr

The Bottlenose thinks we’ve managed to find four starters in this draft, though pick 252 is still yet to come (any starters still on the board? Pretty please?).

JARED ODRICK will start in Randy Starks’ old spot, as the big man moves in to nose tackle in our new “Crazylegs” Defense.

KOA MISI is our new OLB/DE, playing the run to the sideline, getting after the QB, and helping us forget that dude, Jason…was it Tucker?

JOHN JERRY will easily step in as a starting guard. He and Incognito will make up one of the nastiest tandems in the game.

RESHAD JONES was slotted as a second or third rounder. Getting him where we did is a minor miracle, and if we don’t spring for Sharper or Otogwe, I can see RJ assuming control of the free safety spot.

Not bad… Not bad at all…


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