The Pick We’ll Wish We Had Back

25 Apr

Seventh round. We’d taken all defenders, with one 330lb exception along the offensive line. There, as the draft was winding down, when teams are usually grabbing practice squad guys, Pitt’s Dorin Dickerson was somehow still on the board. He’s a freakishly fast, home run threat tight end, with Shannon Sharpe potential. He was a second-rounder in some mocks, no worse than a fourth in others. There he was, staring us in the face, another monster target for Chad Henne and a future headache for defensive coordinators.

Miami’s pick? Chris McCoy, LB/DE, Middle Tennessee State. LB/DE Koa Misi and LB AJ Edds were already selected. Cameron Wake, Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson are already in the mix at the position. In fact, after today there are over a dozen linebackers on our roster.

On a draft weekend spent using seven picks on defense, and one pick offense, we had an opportunity to open up our offense a little more, with a very unique weapon, and failed.

I will of course root for McCoy to succeed. Perhaps he’s the next Jason Taylor, and not Misi? Still, the Colts and Saints showed us last season that while stopping points is nice, scoring a ton can get you to the promised land as well.

I can’t help feeling that Dorin Dickerson would have helped us in that regard.

He would've looked good in a Dolphin uni. I swear it.


One Response to “The Pick We’ll Wish We Had Back”

  1. Brett turner December 14, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Some guy thinks dan henning is a great oc let him go work magic with colt mccoy with the browns that is the only qb who looks like pennington. No arm stretgh but accurcy. Henne is not the problem the oc is fire him n hire josh mcdanials. Look at kyle orton an average qb in he is 1 of the top passers this year n oh dont forget what he did n 07 with the pats. He will open up the passing game. He will no the strength of his qb n recievers something henning is not doing. Henne had 17 straight completions against the jags last year not even hall of fame qb marino did that. Open it up draft blackmon from osu. He will take pressure of off marshall n henne get fasono involved more n we will put up more points n u will c henne progress. Look at the nfl its turning 2 a passing league. We have a big time qb who is not progressing because of the horrible play calling. Henne can throw the ball 50 yards with ease pennington cant. Henning needs 2 stop trying 2 make henne into pennington 2 different qbs. Goodbye henning.

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