The Bottlenose Regret Machine Looks at Pick 194 of the 1995 Draft

3 May

If you have a weak stomach, or are prone to migraines, stop reading now…

It’s April 23rd, 1995. The Dolphins are on the clock in round six, and Marino’s not getting any younger. Shula’s near the end of the road as well. Our starting running back is a former UPS delivery man. The draft is winding down, and we haven’t so much as sniffed at a ball carrier. Could this be the spot where we look to add some talent to the mix? Maybe here is where we grab a youngster to push the force of nature that is Bernie “Crazylegs” Parmalee?

The card is up, the pick is in. “The Miami Dolphins select Jeff Kopp, linebacker, USC.” Kopp wouldn’t cure Miami’s defensive ailments. He would play for five years with four different teams, recording nine tackles. Nine. Total. 1.8 tackles a season. He now owns a bicycle shop in Jacksonville. No offense to Jeff. Lots of guys don’t stick in the NFL as long as he did.

It’s just that two picks later the Denver Broncos settled on their choice. Pick 196. The card is up, the pick is in. “The Denver Broncos select Terrell Davis, running back, Georgia.” Davis would go on to be named the starting running back on the NFL’s All-1990s team. The three time All-Pro would win Offensive Player of the Year twice, and both NFL and Super Bowl MVP trophies.

But worse than missing out on all that production, Elway finally had his knight in shining armor. Until then he and Marino were both the venerable gunslingers who had unsuccessfully battled for the Lombardi, year in and year out.

But the aging Elway rode on TD’s massive shoulders to a pair of Super Bowl titles. This has become the battle cry for all Denver fans whenever the Marino versus Elway debate rages. “Marino doesn’t have a ring”. Never mind that Elway only had to step backwards and hand it to the unshackled beast that was #30.

The Dolphins never found the guy to hold down the backfield behind Danny Boy. Abdul-Jabbar. Cecil “The Diesel” Collins. John Avery. A long list of names. The cavalry never arrived, and it was Elway who added to his jewelry box, twice over.

It could have easily been the other way around, if Jeff Kopp wasn’t so darned high on our draft board.

Jeff Kopp sells bikes.


3 Responses to “The Bottlenose Regret Machine Looks at Pick 194 of the 1995 Draft”

  1. EricG May 3, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Cecil Collins gets out of prison in 4 short years. Think about the nice long rest he’s had, and the excellent weight-room facilities and nutritious starch-filled diets in our nation’s prisons. No doubt he’ll be ready to come out and kick some NFL tail. Sure, he’ll be 13 years past his draft-by date, but think about how durable Ricky’s proven to be, what with the couple years off here and there to shake off the rust.

    Cecil “The Diesel” The Dolphin in 2014!!! Time to win it all, baby!

  2. EricG May 3, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    Also, keep in mind that, yes, while we didn’t have Terrell Davis, undoubtedly a great RB, we also didn’t have an offensive line that was trained to execute rolling chop blocks on nearly ever play, as per the Broncos.

    • Tofu Dan May 3, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

      Yeah, Shanahan is a ruthless bastard. Those blocks were bullsh*t.

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