Henne’s Last Minute Drive Saves Day Against Texans

9 May


Dolphin Quarterback Chad Henne supplied more heroics in the clutch on Sunday, delivering a much-needed variety of beverages to a Mothers Day cookout with just moments to spare.

Henne and his fiancée Brittany Hartman,24, were hosting her Sister, Diane, Husband, Carlton, and Son, Caleb, from Amarillo, Texas. Henne first game-planned for the cookout on Friday evening.  The idea gained momentum on Saturday, with Chad agreeing to grill if Brittany agreed to do the shopping.

“We felt ready,” Henne explained. “We thought we knew what to expect, but looking back, we were in way over our heads.”

Things started out well enough at the gathering, with plenty of well received food being served up by Miami’s young gunslinger. The neighbors, Greg and Anna Evans, brought a Jello mold and their Daughter, Katie, so the visiting Caleb had someone to join him on the Wii.

“It was all fine and dandy, and we were very relieved,” Hartman says, before a look of dread creeps onto her face. “That’s when it happened.”

The festivities screeched to a halt around 3pm Sunday, as a sudden run on drinks left both coolers (the crappy foam one and the nicer plastic one that clamps shut) nearly empty. “That was rock bottom. You could hear a pin drop,” Henne laments, before gritting his teeth and nodding. “That’s when it was time to crack skulls.”

Amid growing complaints from the visiting Texans, Henne excused himself, presumably to “pee some”. But pee some he did not. Instead Henne crept through the den, exiting the house, diving into his Mercedes and peeling out of the driveway.

A scant four minutes later he entered the parking lot of the neighborhood Publix, skidding to a stop by the front doors, throwing his blinkers on, and sprinting inside. “It was reckless, I know. But in the heat of battle, you don’t think.” Henne explains, the adrenaline still pumping hours later. “I wasn’t gonna let this one get away from us.”

Henne didn’t. The signal-caller left the Publix just seven minutes later with a massive bag packed with over thirty-six chilled, canned drinks. With some fancy footwork, and surprising speed, Henne single-handedly brought it home.

Before the guests knew it the coolers were once again brimming with drinks, from Pabst Blue Ribbon to Diet Sprite. The Texans’ dissatisfaction quickly faded, never to emerge again during an evening of laughter and general cheer.

As the party wound down, Chad and Brittany shared butt-slaps. However, the talented youngster refused to gloat. “There’s no time to celebrate,” Henne said, despite a slight smile. “Every one of these situations is a learning experience. You just file it away, and get ready for the next battle.” Henne nods, eyes the remaining mess in the backyard, adding, “I’m just glad we found a way to pull it together.”

One thirst-quenched Texas family couldn’t agree more.

All smiles now, after a near defeat.


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