Guru Peter King Says the Sea Mammals Shall Emerge

18 May

SI’s Peter King is onto us. Our power ranking? #6. In the entire NFL.

How did this happen? Didn’t we have a losing season in 2009? Didn’t we lose one of the greatest Dolphins of all time in Jason Taylor? Aren’t the Jets going to win it all? Aren’t the Patriots a better team with Tom “Chin Dimple” Brady slinging it, and Bill “Camcorder” Belichick calling the shots?

King has been watching very closely this offseason. While the Patriots should contend, and the Jets have made move after move, King knows it’s the Dolphins who actually hauled in the biggest fish.

The top of the NFL’s free agent defender list this offseason? Karlos Dansby. The biggest offensive talent available? Brandon Marshall. Last time I checked both of these guys were working out in Davie.

And though Sanchez has, and probably will continue to get all of the hype, it was Henne who had the better first season as a starter. King knows a Marshall/Hartline/Bess trio can get it done, and believes that Henne will make the leap.

King probably also realizes that, though JT is one of the all time greats, he did only have seven sacks last season, and is winding down his amazing Hall of Fame career. It was time to get younger, and Koa Misi will be hugely important to the continued improvement of our defense. The Bottlenose gets the feeling that Koa and Cameron are going to meet at the quarterback a lot this season.

Not to mention our first rounder Odrick, John Jerry, Reshad Jones, Richie Incognito, and other promising additions.

King has been wrong before, but he’s been oh so right many, many times. Of course we agree with him on this one, but there’s certainly reason to.

#6 is a fantastic power ranking for a team that’s one of the youngest in the entire NFL. Big things on the way for Miami…

Way to go, Pete!


5 Responses to “Guru Peter King Says the Sea Mammals Shall Emerge”

  1. Ripp May 18, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    What? You mean Miami gets some respect? I don’t get a lot of sports writers. The Jets by luck make the playoffs, get a few lucky calls and then in the off season add big name vets on the decline and they suddenly become SuperBowl favorites. While last year Miami went toe to toe with the very best in the league including the two teams that went to the SuperBowl and had every chance to win those games and then they add big name players who are still in their prime and they are still projected to be near the bottom of the AFC East.

    I know there are question marks at OLB but the way I look at it is Wake was a better pass rusher last year than JP and I really don’t think he could do any worse than what JP did at defending the run. So to me thats a up grade. as for the other OLB spot we just have to see what pans out but I do like Misi.

    • danewen May 19, 2010 at 6:38 am #

      Yup. Nice to see a writer who knows the deal. Miami was better than their record indicates. Miami made the two biggest moves of the offseason. Miami was the #4 rushing team in the NFL, with defenses stacking the line. Marshall is going to loosen things up big time.

      The Jets made one move that I like. Santonio, for what they gave up, was a nice addition, though they won’t have him against Baltimore, New England, Miami and Buffalo to start the season. Three of those four are potential losses. Faneca gone, Ducasse in. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington gone, Ladainian and McKnight in. The cure for their sub-par pass rush? Jason Taylor. They are moves. But are the kind that put a team over the top?

      • Childplease May 19, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

        I agree santonio Holmes was a great move but why the heck would they release Faneca even if he is old.Also why would you give up a halfback who had 1400 yards last season for a washed up one who only had like 500 that is stupid.Plus Taylor is old and really isnt that good anymore.

      • danewen May 20, 2010 at 5:56 am #

        Agreed. These are sideways moves at best.

  2. Childplease May 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm #

    Awsome phins deserve to be #6.Hopefully this is about how we end the season (or better).

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