On Smiley, Dolphins Knew When to Hold ‘Em, Didn’t Fold ‘Em

24 May

The seemingly endless Justin Smiley saga looks to be coming to an end today, as he’s been traded to Jacksonville for a seventh rounder, pending a physical.

Assuming the physical goes well, this will be a win for the front office. Not a huge one, but still a victory in a situation that many thought would end in a release of the talented but semi-gimpy lineman.

The move will free up a nice little chunk of salary, and bring back a pick that will probably end up in the high to mid seventh, where we will definitely use it to pick someone along the lines of Marques Colston or Ahmad Bradshaw.

Okay fine, so Marques and Ahmad are the exceptions to the rule. I’m man enough to admit it. Still, to get something, anything out of this situation was a good play. The Trifecta held out for a good long while, and it looks like they were smart to do so.

Good luck, Justin. Be well. But rest that shoulder when we face you down the line.


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