Merling’s Mugshot Means Jared’s the Big Shot

27 May

It’s become textbook to line rookies up with second or third-teamers in the offseason, in order to make them slowly work their way up to a starting slot.

This is done in part to motivate the youngsters, and to let them know that nothing will be handed to them. Undoubtedly this also is a tip of the hat to the veterans, showing respect to the fact that they’ve been here working, and no snot-nosed punk is going to be tossed in ahead of them.

But the truth is sometimes it’s obvious that the rookie is the best bet for success. Sometimes the veteran ahead of the rookie is bound to be leapfrogged anyway. And heck, sometimes the veteran beats up his pregnant girlfriend and finds himself sitting in Broward County jail.

Please Trifecta (“Quadfecta” with our new defensive guru Nolan), don’t waste a moment pretending this isn’t Odrick’s gig. Get him as many reps as possible with the first team D, and against the first team O. Prepare him for a division battle that looks to be epic. We’ve started slowly far too often in recent times.

It’s no time to play the seniority game with our roster. We grabbed Odrick in round one for a reason. Now let’s throw the snot-nosed punk into the pool against the big boys. The guy looks like he’d swim just fine.

Odrick should jump right into the starting spot.


2 Responses to “Merling’s Mugshot Means Jared’s the Big Shot”

  1. Spydah July 12, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    Looks like ESPN has Mia at 11 and Hou at 12 in the NFL Ultimate Rankings for this coming football season. Should be a lovely year. Yes, a lovely, lovely year.

    • danewen July 14, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

      I expect both Miami and Houston to make it to the dance this season. But you’ve got the bigger hurdle with the Colts in your way.

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