Upon Further Review, Ross Dissed Marino Big Time

17 Jul

“I’m sure that I’m hoping, as is everyone else, that he (Henne) goes down as the greatest quarterback in Miami Dolphins history –- and you know what that will mean.” – Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

We’ve all heard last month’s bold words from our excitable Owner. The outcry was immediate. “How dare Stephen Ross compare a newcomer like Chad  Henne to Danny Marino?”

The Bottlenose has no problem whatsoever with Ross’ confidence in Henne. Chad has shown us plenty to be jazzed about, all the throws, a knack for the big play, all showcased without much of a receiving corps around him.

Henne could indeed be a superstar. The 49ers had Joe Montana. That didn’t mean they didn’t deserve Steve Young to show up in the Bay Area. The Packers seem to have another gunslinger in place, though Favre is the stuff of legend. Lightning does strike twice, and could be striking right now down in SoFlo.

Ross’ words struck us in a different way. He wasn’t talking about Henne compiling better numbers than Dan. He wasn’t saying that Chad’s going to engineer more 4th quarter comebacks. No, Stephen Ross was talking about three words: The Super Bowl.

We’re not buying it, Stephen. Now don’t get us wrong. We live for the fateful night when the Dolphins once again hoist the Lombardi. But on this day you were speaking the same language as those Elway disciples, who point to the Denver great’s rings faster than you can say “Mecklenberg”.

Long story short, Marino never had much of a defense, and there wasn’t a gifted running back within 500 miles of Dade County during his many years under center. Every time Dan stepped to the line defenses knew all they had to guard against was the pass. That they still couldn’t stop him is a testament to Marino’s unbelievable gifts.

With the blessing of the Pigskin Gods, Henne will indeed deliver a title to South Florida. The Bottlenose will sob with joy on that day. But will that somehow make him better than Marino? Was Dan a lesser quarterback because Terrell Davis didn’t ride into Davie like a knight in shining armor and carry the team to a pair of titles? Of course not.

It will be impossible for anyone to ever trounce Dan Marino’s lifetime stats, Henne included. Dan’s career numbers are dumbfounding. But Henne’s got a shot at winning the big one that eluded Dan for all those years. A stud WR, talent at RB, a young defense on the rise. The stars could be aligning for Chad.

On that joyous evening, as we celebrate the championship we’ve waited so long for, Henne will most likely deserve a lot of the credit. He may pass for 500 yards and 6 TDs. He may be putting the cherry on top of an incredible season. He may even win a few rings, and put up Hall of Fame numbers. This would certainly make him a Dolphin legend.

But if someone, someday, decides to deem Henne “the greatest quarterback in Miami Dolphins history”, they will either be forgetting Dan Marino’s legacy, or putting a hell of a lot of stock in Super Bowl rings, currently worn with pride by Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson, and Trent Dilfer.

Sorry, Mr. Ross, but neither would be fair to Dan, who gave us his all for so long.

Dan Marino, current greatest quarterback in Miami Dolphins history.


7 Responses to “Upon Further Review, Ross Dissed Marino Big Time”

  1. pete knight July 19, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    As a long time fan from the U.K. i think it’s a shame that Mr. Ross found it necessary to make that comment. We all hope that Henne turns out to be a great player for us, but that’s all it is at present hope. Where as i still remember Marino’s first season (even with limited coverage) as being truly outstanding (Pro Bowl), whilst Don strode the sideline more like a shark than a dolphin. The worrying thing about the modern world we all live in, is that everything is being over sold, so when Mr. Ross makes his statements it’s as much to garner publicity as it is a true belief (as we say over here “Bums in seats”). But please sporting gods let me be proved wrong and i will be gald to eat humble pie or anything else.

    • danewen July 19, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

      Oh yes, bluster is certainly a big part of today’s game. Now that Ross is talking the talk, let’s hope the Dolphins walk the walk. Thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose. Come back soon, and have some bangers and mash for us stateside fans!

  2. Len July 24, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    I don’t believe Ross was being disrespectful to Marino, as much as he was getting behind Henne. He worded it to give hope, just like there was hope everytime Marino took the snap. That’s how I took it when the whole statement was quoted.

    • danewen July 24, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

      Believe me, I am very charged up about Henne. I believe the long wait is over for a franchise QB, and I want us to support him 150%. I just think that Henne can set the world on fire from here on out, and still, how could he be better than Marino? How do you outshine the sun? How do you catch a rainbow?

      Ultimately, when Ross says, “and we know what that will mean”, he’s saying either that Henne ends up better than Dan (see rainbows and sun above), or that he’ll bring us a title (which is how I chose to interpret it). And I don’t think Marino’s legacy takes any sort of hit ’cause there’s no ring on his hand.

      At any rate, thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose. Come back soon, and thanks for the comment.

  3. winz305 July 27, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    “Lightning does strike twice, and could be striking right now down in SoFlo.”, love it, when i read this part i got goosebumps up and down my arms. I personally hope that Henne does go on to have a better career than Marino had.
    No disrespect to Marino, but records are made to be broken, and to have Henne do it would mean that we would have had the privilege to watch 2 of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game.
    Nice picture by the way, but just out of curiosity, why do you have a picture of Dan Marino and “current greatest quarterback in Miami Dolphins history.”, only to show a picture of him getting sacked. Shouldnt he be throwing a TD pass?

    • danewen July 27, 2010 at 11:56 am #

      Glad you liked the article.

      I chose this picture for two reasons. Firstly, as I was discussing Super Bowls, I thought a pic from Dan’s lone appearance was appropriate, even if the game went against us.

      Secondly, I chose it as a reminder of Marino’s toughness. This man dutifully battled through injury after injury, representing the aqua and orange, and fighting for a title. I don’t take this pic as a sign of weakness. I see it as a tribute.

      We all know what happened in the years after this sack. It’ll be etched in the record books forever.

      Stop by The Bottlenose anytime. Go Dolphins!

  4. winz305 July 27, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    Good Article by the way..

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