Dolphins 2011 Starting RB, Deangelo Williams?

25 Jul

Ronnie Brown has been a warrior for the Dolphins, a bruiser, and the maestro of the beloved Wildcat. But over the years Ronnie’s rump has carved a permanent dent in the trainer’s table. He’ll be a free agent next season. Do we sink big money into him? He’s been banged up for a lot of his 20s, and as he steamrolls toward the big 3-0 can we expect that to change?

Ricky Williams loves to travel. This immensely talented and intensely eccentric dude feels as right as rain in a tent in the Outback, snacking on fried wallaby and stargazing. Apparently a travel show idea is being kicked around, starring #34. He’s no spring chicken, and he’s already considered leaving the game for a career in homeopathic rub-downs. But an offer that would satisfy his wanderlust, as well as help him make a good living, as well as increase his chances of walking without a limp into his later years, may be too much to resist.

Waiting in the wings are Patrick Cobbs and Lex Hilliard. They both have their fans. Cobbs is a great guy to have around, but is in his late 20s, and coming off an ACL tear. Hilliard has a cult following, but has less than 100 career yards, and has rocked a 3.9 ypc average thus far. At 240 pounds, Lex seems like a “three yards and a cloud of dust” kind of back to The Bottlenose.

Which led us to a bit of snooping on the Google machine. As we looked around for 2011 free agents, one name reached out from the laptop and clubbed us over the head, Deangelo “Crazylegs” Williams. The guy just turned 27 in April. He’s averaged 5.1 yards per carry, and is a big play waiting to happen. Almost 5,000 total yards in his 5 years of service.

And Jonathan Stewart may be better. Debatable. But J-Stew is definitely four years younger. Can the Panthers afford two monster studs in the backfield? If they decided to only keep one, the smart money would be on Stewart. Running backs have a limited window to wreak havoc, and Stewart’s got less mileage on him. D-Willy is coming off ankle surgery, and the Panthers may lean more heavily on Stewart this season. Perfect segue to Deangelo’s departure.

Adding a new #34 could be the perfect opportunity for Miami not to miss a beat, if Ronnie should leave via injury or free agency, and if Ricky should spend 2011 and beyond kayaking the Nile with a camera crew in tow.

Worth keeping an eye on, for sure.


3 Responses to “Dolphins 2011 Starting RB, Deangelo Williams?”

  1. winz305 July 27, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    If Ronnie can prove that he can stay healthy then the tri-fecta would keep him, if not then “D-Willy”, as you call him, might be a good option.

    • danewen July 27, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

      It’s tough. Would a healthy 2010 mean he would stay healthy, considering his injury history and age? I would hope that a reasonable contract could be worked out. I love Ronnie.

      But he can talk to everyone after this season. If the price tag on Ronnie is even in the neighborhood of Deangelo’s, it may make sense to change up the backfield.

      • winz305 July 27, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

        I love Ronnie as well and i hope we do sign him to an extension. He is the only back in the NFL that can run the wildcat with effectiveness, always making the right decision, and if it came down to Ronnie vs. D’willy i would choose Ronnie, it seems like he is a more powerful runner and no one really hasnt seen what he can do yet due to the fact that he is always injured. I think this year we will see the real Ronnie Brown and his potential and the coaches will want to keep him for long term. JUST STAY HEALTHY RONNIE!!!

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