Mike Nolan, Time to Work Your Magic

30 Jul

Alrighty, Mr. Nolan. The rookies are all inked, from the most defensive draft in recent memory. Odrick, Misi, Edds (who can at least familiarize himself with the schemes, get well AJ), Jones. Even our unsigned free agents were mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Young defenders as far as the eye can see.

Free agency nabbed the top defender available in Karlos “Crazylegs” Dansby. Space eaters Marques Douglas and Charles Grant have rumbled into town in recent days. Not to mention a draft day trade that brought us a sturdy LB in Tim Dobbins.

Let’s not forget the talent already present on this rising defense. Sean and Vontae on the corners. Cameron Wake is set to give quarterbacks hell this season. Randy Starks was a monster last year. Langford is underrated, as is Yeremiah Bell (nice to see him squeak into the Pro Bowl). Quentin Moses, Charlie Anderson, Channing Crowder, Will Allen.

Nolan is known far and wide as a master schemer. Many of these names won’t all be full-timers, of course. But The Bottlenose is excited to see the growing arsenal Mike has to work with. This defense won’t just be about the players locked in as starters. It will also be fun to watch the rotations, and the ability of our new stellar coordinator to move these many chess pieces around situationally.

We tend to think Nolan will leave plenty of offensive coordinators scratching their heads.


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