Pat White’s Last Hope

3 Aug

Pat White is at a crossroads. Pat White is a hybrid player in crisis. Will he switch to wide receiver? Would he be any better than the wide receivers already in front of him? Will he ever play quarterback for the Miami Dolphins? Is he worth keeping around for the rare gadget play? Is he one bad practice day away from cutting bait and retiring to the West Virginia mountains? Are the Dolphins prepared to release him, and admit a big time reach?

The Bottlenose is watching the options dwindle. However, one glimmer of hope remains for Pat and for our beloved SoFlo Sea Mammals: THE RETURN GAME.

We’re currently auditioning fifty guys on kick and punt returns, from CFL import Grice-Mullen to the tortoise-footed Patrick Cobbs. But there, sitting in limbo, a porpoise without a purpose, is Pat White.

The kid is slippery as hell, with good speed, and a knack for the big play. Keeping him around for the occasional gadget play on offense would make sense, if he were getting seven or eight more touches on punts and kickoffs as well. Ten touches a game for a playmaker like Pat could make a big difference for our team.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the tape. Could Cobbs make these plays? I certainly hope we give Pat White a look on returns. Otherwise, The Bottlenose doesn’t see how this thing is going to end well.


2 Responses to “Pat White’s Last Hope”

  1. Jay August 4, 2010 at 7:59 am #

    That makes too much sense. Is his ego keeping him from trying out recieving? The return game? He looks to have Ginn like speed when he’s effortlessly running away from the opposition. How fast is he? I would HATE to let this “potential” talent go and see him develope elsewere (NE!.)

    • danewen August 4, 2010 at 8:08 am #

      His combine 40 was 4.55. But reports from other pre-draft workouts had him improving on that. Could be a guy who plays faster than he times. At any rate, if we cut him loose without giving him a shot on special teams, I think it would be a mistake.

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