Singing the Injury Bug Blues? Not Yet.

4 Aug

The state of Minnesota. no wait, the entire Great Lakes region, is on the edge of its seat. Why? Because of a bum ankle that may or may not shelve a true difference maker for the rest of his life.

The Ravens took a major hit when starting CB Domonique Foxworth went down for the season with a knee injury this weekend.

In June the Panthers lost stud linebacker Thomas Davis for the second season in a row to an ACL.

The Giants’ 2010 3rd round pick, safety Chad Jones, may never play football again due to injuries suffered in a late June car accident.

The injury bug has made its presence known in Davie lately, but we can thank the Football Gods that none of the losses have been massive.

AJ Edds was certainly going to see the field here and there, but his unfortunate knee tear will not hugely alter our plans. The fact that it happened so early virtually guarantees that he’ll be ready to rumble in 2011.

Phillip Merling, well, what can you say, he may be wearing an orange jumpsuit for a couple of years anyway. The Bottlenose was ready to punch his ticket out of town months ago. The Trifecta has done a good job bringing in some big bodies, and I don’t see us burying our heads in our hands, wishing Merling was out there, taking over games. He’s never shown that kind of ability.

And of course the latest, Kory Sheets, who was showing promise as a kick returner before his achilles came loose. We can’t wait to see him back on his feet next season, scrapping to make the team. As discussed on the boards and blogs, there are plenty of other possible kick return options (Pat White gets our vote, with Grice-Mullen a close second), and we should be able to fill that role without Sheets.

There will always be losses heading into a football season. You’ve got to practice hard to play hard. Still, it’s never good to see a guy crumple to the turf, grasping his knee, calling for trainers.

So here’s to a speedy recovery to the fallen fins, and may the injury bug continue to avoid stinging us more than we can handle.

10 days ’til kickoff. Can you feel it?

Football players need these.


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