Soliai Superb in Saturday’s Slop

15 Aug

Maybe we do have a true nose tackle after all?

That isn’t a knock on Randy “Crazylegs” Starks, who’s certainly earned his perch on the top of the NT heap. It’s a salute to Paul Soliai, who stepped into battle in a driving rainstorm last night and wreaked a good bit of old fashioned havoc.

Now we all know it was just a preseason game. Soliai’s efforts, down to his diving fumble recovery, won’t count in any official record. But what we may have unofficially witnessed Saturday is a player refusing to be an afterthought. On this night, as the Dolphins unveiled rookie Koa Misi, another Ute would not be forgotten.

So there was Paul The Wall, stampeding through the mud like a monster truck, making a case for serious playing time in Mike Nolan’s system. Is he faster? Is he better? Is he hungrier? Or did the conditions slow things down enough for him to make plays he might miss on normally?

These questions will be answered in the coming weeks. Not every game will be played in a near tropical storm, and of course the regular season will be fifty times as intense. But for a few moments there Soliai was a star, 355lbs of mud-caked meat, flying around like ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ on meth. A one man mudslide, battling his foes in the quagmire.

And to that we say, “Giggity.”


2 Responses to “Soliai Superb in Saturday’s Slop”

  1. Joe August 15, 2010 at 6:49 am #

    No doubt, ever since the beginning of training camp we should have Solai as the true NT, Starks is just way too undersized. He isn’t like Ratcliff-just too small. It should be Solai, starks, and Odrick/Langford combo. Or passing downs put Starks, Odrick, Langford, and Misi out there. Give Solai a break on 3rd downs.

    • danewen August 15, 2010 at 10:15 am #

      If Soliai keeps playing like a man possessed he’ll be in on plenty of Mike’s packages. Nolan always switches up his looks, and I’m sure he liked what he saw from Paul yesterday.

      Thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose.

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