Dolphins Could Play in Another Typhoon Tomorrow

20 Aug

Mother Nature may be looking to prepare the Dolphins for bad weather once the regular season starts. We at The Bottlenose appreciate her efforts, to a degree. We’ll need to execute in the elements at some point this year for sure. But with all due respect to the Earth, and the jet stream in general, it’s much tougher to evaluate players in near Everglades conditions.

We’ve got a battle at the bottom of the wide receiver chart that needs to sort itself out. Hard to make a cut when your cleats sink five inches into the muck.  And is Pat White going to get one last gasp at the quarterback position during a hailstorm? The guy’s having a hard enough time hitting his targets as it is. How will we judge the interior o-linemen when the ground won’t stay put beneath them?

So, may the thunderstorms truly be scattered, or at least pass before we kick off.  The roster cuts are looming, and it would be nice to get a very good, dry look at our guys before The Trifecta starts slicing and dicing.

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