Preseason Week 3 Stock Report: DOW Dips as Phins Flatline

31 Aug

THE DOW (Dolphins’ Overall Worth): 760 points (-9).


Vontae Davis (NYSE: VONT) +3: Davis was a Great White among guppies last for our fighting fish. Impact plays. A forced fumble on “Burner” Turner. This stock could save the entire DBF (Defensive Backfield Fund). We’re betting that VD is going to be around for a long time. It usually is.

Brandon Fields (NASDAQ: BFLD) +1: Never a good sign when your punter makes gains, but this kid is a boomer. Check that leg for HGH! Still, most investors in this sector hope to see less and less from BFLD in the coming weeks.

Paul Soliai (NASDAQ: SOLI) +1/2: Paul wasn’t in mudwrasslin’ beast mode against the Falcons, but logged five tackles and saw playing time with the first team. Not bad for a guy who was starting to be viewed as the world’s biggest afterthought. An unexpected boost for SOLI, once considered a candidate for the penny stock bin.

Koa Misi (NYSE: MISI) +1/2: This upstart flashed the potential investors have been looking for. Buyer beware, as newcomers can be volatile. He was temporarily yanked from the first teamers this week, but that’s a common motivational tactic. With continued improvement throughout the physical quarter, MISI could continue to climb.

Pat White (NASDAQ: DONE) + 1/16: Pat White hit on every pass he threw last night. We’re just saying. He scampered for a first down too. Still, we don’t recommend this stock at all. Nearing junk status right now, in a crowded QB market.


Nolan Carroll (NYSE: NCRL) -1/2: He’s still learning. Don’t forget this physical specimen was robbed of a lot of college experience by injuries. Learning to cover at the NFL level will take time. Still, looked much more explosive on returns than Cobbs ever has.

Sean Smith (NYSE: SSMIT) -2: Broke a team rule, got benched. It’s always going to cost you a point. But getting scorched by Roddy White on what should have been an easy Falcons TD nudged him down a bit more.

Chad Henne (NASDAQ: HENE) -3 2/3: A let down for HENE, which enjoyed a huge spike last week. Still, several drops and a tipped ball interception made the numbers look a lot worse than the actual performance. We still advise buying for the long term.


Overall, there were positives on Saturday night. A lot of sloppy play though, and stupid penalties we’ll have to tighten up once the season starts. A slight decline this week.

Go Dolphins!

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