What the Dolphins Should Take from the Vikes vs Saints

9 Sep

Of course Buffalo should be in the crosshairs, but it was interesting to get an early look at our week two foe, Minnesota. A few ramblings:

*The Vikings can be run on. Surprise. This wasn’t some dazzling display of aerial firepower. This game was won by the Saints’ ground game. Pierre “Raspberry Beret” Thomas was nearly unstoppable in the second half. Can Ronnie and Ricky have similar success? We think so.

*The Vikings aren’t sure what they’re doing through the air yet. Berrian has hands of stone, and is the least physical receiver this side of Teddy Ginn. Sid “And Nancy” Rice is out for a good long while. Harvin couldn’t break free. Shiancoe was their big play guy. A little more Favre in camp would have helped with the chemistry. They do have 10 days now to right the ship, and we wouldn’t count on another nine point effort.

*Adrian Peterson is a freaking beast. Duh. Interesting to note that we’re playing Spiller and AP back to back. Both guys were drafted by teams who didn’t urgently need backs. Chester Taylor had just enjoyed a great year in Minnesota when they took AP. Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were already a pretty potent duo. Both AP and CJ could be examples of why the best move is often simply to take the best player available.

*Cowardly football is losing football. Yes, that was the Vikings punting to the #1 offense in football, from inside New Orleans territory, late in the 4th. They would never see the ball again. Sure, they needed 11 yards, but how many times has Brett Favre succeeded in those situations? Answer: A whole bunch.

If you don’t get the 1st you still have to hold the Saints to a punt. You’ve still got time outs, and they’re still on their side of the field. If you toss a ball deep and it gets intercepted it’s the same as a punt.

But if you do get the first you’re down to the 30 or closer, steamrolling into the red zone, a nervous hush falling over the Superdome. Instead, the ball was handed back to New Orleans just 30 yards down the field. Game, set, match.

We’re no football coach, but the upside of going for it seemed to seriously outweigh the negatives. You’re at the Super Bowl champ’s house. You’ve gotta take risks to win the big ones. Hell, New Orleans might owe that first Lombardi to their coach’s brass cojones, and an onside kick that is already the stuff of legend.

*Minnesota will be much tighter when the Sea Mammals come to town. We expect a sharper Favre. We expect more Camarillo and less Berrian. We expect them to get the ball to Harvin more, by any and all means. We expect a tough battle, but one that seems very winnable after what we witnessed this evening.

Now enough about these purple, Nordic sons of guns. We’ve got bison to eat this Sunday!

GO DOLPHINS! And feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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