Hop on Grandpop – by Duhe Duper

16 Sep

Hop On Grandpop – by Duhe Duper

“I’ll hop on Grandpop,”
Said Koa to Cam,
“I’ll hop on Grandpop,
As hard as I can.”

“I’ll hop Grandpop too,”
Said Cam to Misi,
Grandpop’s been on top
Since 200 B.C.

Soon others decided to hop on Grandpop,
And once the hops started,
The hops would not stop,
Starks hopped from the left,
Kendall hopped from the right,
They hopped in the day,
And hopped through the night

They hopped Grandpop’s head,
They hopped Grandpop’s knee,
He hid ‘neath his bed,
He ran up a tree!

Grandpop said, “Hoppers, try and play nice,
I’ve got a bum ankle and no Sidney Rice.”
But the hoppers kept hopping,
That’s what hoppers do,
They started stop-hopping
The running back too!

And they would not stop,
‘Til they hopped on the plane,
Handing Grandpop his Grandpop walking cane.
They said, “Don’t be sad that we hopped you, Grandpop,
We’re not stopping hopping ’til we reach the top.”

Grandpop tipped his cap and waved goodbye,
His knee in a brace and a bruise on his eye,
He smiled to the trainer, who iced down his chest,
If you’ve gotta get hopped, get hopped by the best.

When the hopping plane flew to Stop-Hopping Land,
Fergie was there with her stop-hopping band.
J-Lo and Marc Antony sang with them too,
And five-hundred fans played the hopping kazoo,

But the hoppers didn’t dance,
And the hoppers didn’t sing,
They’ll hop at the chance,
Once they bring home a ring,

Instead they would practice more hopping and stopping,
While Marky Sanchez was out Poodle Skirt shopping,
He would be next in a prime time display,
Not only Grandpops can get hopped on all day.

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Koa and Cam Hop on Grandpop


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