Smashmouth Dolphins Forget to Smash Mouths

27 Sep

Two yards from scoring the go-ahead TD and we throw back to back passes? Three straight failed throws on a three-and-out that resulted in a punt block in our red zone? Empty backfields on 3rd and short? Not even the threat of running it to keep the defense honest?

Weren’t we the #4 running team in the NFL last year?
Is a fade to Brian Hartline at the goal line really a better bet than Ronnie Brown? This vaunted Jets defense just lost mammoth anchor Kris Jenkins. Ronnie averaged 4.9 yards per carry last night, something it seems Dan Henning wasn’t paying much attention to.

When we should have been slugging Rex and the Jests in the mouth, we were getting cutesy with quadruple reverses and halfback passes. When we should have been going for the jugular in what could turn out to be a crucial division battle, we punted, twice on 4th quarter 4th downs IN JETS TERRITORY.

The good news? Chad Henne is a gunslinger. More good news? The Beast’s name is accurate. More good news? The season is young.

The bad news? We still have an L against our biggest foe. And on the National stage, during a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Soflo Sea Mammals left their cojones in the locker room.

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Coordinator Dan Henning, wilting in the heat, may have forgotten that the forward run was a legal play.


4 Responses to “Smashmouth Dolphins Forget to Smash Mouths”

  1. Dan Kahley September 27, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    I agree with you 100%, we had them on their heels on the long drive in the third quarter. The play action pass was crossing up the defense, and the Florida heat was wearing them down. After finally getting the lead, it was as if the hunger to win was no longer there. They start calling for the wild cat, half-back passes, and hail marys on 3rd and short. How could we just roll over and die like this? We had the chance of going up 2 games in the AFC East, are the fans and press the only ones aware of this?

    If Henning is going to continue to calls plays like this, and Jason Allen is going to continue to blow coverages (last night was not Jason’s first time falling down during a game while covering a receiver). We will never get back to the play-offs!

    • danewen September 27, 2010 at 10:03 am #

      Three 4th quarter possessions. Four running plays. Total.

      Thanks for your comments, Dan. And great point about the play-action. That is what made the empty backfield so absurd.

      Stop by The Bottlenose anytime.

  2. Christopher September 30, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    The Dolphins couldn’t risk it because of the timeout situation. Also it wouldn’t have been the ‘go ahead’ TD only the tying TD. Luckily, the way the Jets defense was playing that game, the game didn’t go to overtime.

    Good luck vs the pats.

    – A Jets fan.

    • danewen September 30, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

      Unfortunately you have no idea what parts of the game I’m talking about. I assume this is because you had a fireman riding on your shoulders, and you weren’t watching all that closely.

      That’s probably why you also think the Jets played great D, despite giving up 360+ yards to Henne and 4.9ypc to Ronnie on the ground.

      That green Kool Aid must taste real yummy.

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