4 Oct

What the fin, Special Teams Coach John Bonamego? Pretty sure your pink slip is being drawn up as we type this. The Jets game was a wake-up call, which apparently failed to wake you up. This was probably the most disgusting display of special teams futility in league history. We set the bar tonight, folks. Bon voyage, Captain Bonamego.

What the fin, Dan Henning? This opening drive looked exactly like last week. We get into Patsy territory, then take Henne out of the game on 3rd and 6? Did we really pretty much guarantee to the Pats that we were going to run the ball on a 3rd and 6? Result: Stuffed. Another punt, INSIDE OUR OPPONENT’S TERRITORY.

And another what the fin, Dan Henning. Not a single deep ball? All game? You know it helps loosen up defenses when you launch one here and there. Not to mention a pass interference penalty on a deep toss is the most generous penalty in football. Not to mention we have one of those monster wideouts you almost have to interfere with on a jump ball. Not to mention the Patsies had their linebackers swarming everything in the middle.

What the fin, Chad Henne? You tried to throw 17 picks tonight. You flat out didn’t see those linebackers. Too much forcing the ball. To be fair, you suddenly found yourself in a huge hole. But what the fin? And I suppose you too could have tossed a couple of bombs to your deep option, so you share Henning’s second what the fin (see above).

What the fin, Tony Sparano? Who’s in charge of your instant replay challenges? Don’t we have someone upstairs, looking at all the camera angles? Woodhead didn’t score. Sure, the Patsies may have scored anyway, but with the way our D stuffed AP up in Minnesota, we think they should have had a shot at a goal line stand. Points were coming easy enough for New England tonight without them being handed TDs by the refs. Which reminds us.

What the fin, refs? What’s with this huddling up and deciding that the holding one of you just saw, and threw the flag on, didn’t happen? This does absolutely nothing to help fan confidence in the zebras. Did you see it or not? Awful, awful, awful.

So many what the fins to go around. What the fin, Dolphins? Luckily, with the nightmare already out of the way, The Bottlenose might possibly sleep in peace.

Any more “What the fins” to share, Dolphin nation?


3 Responses to “WHAT THE FIN?!”

  1. InFINcible October 5, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Embarrassed , confused, angry, frustrated. One thing I realzed was the players felt like us fans did. Ppl are hating on Langford’s tweet of ‘WTF’ but that’s probably how everyone felt. It all happened so fast everyone was stuck thinking wtf. That Tate return sucked the life outta not just the 70k in the stands but the 53 on the sideline.After near tears and disbelief I now feel like a tortured Fin fan should feel.

    I think I’m over it. We’re still a good team that should be in every game. Ricky finally showed up, Bess is clutch, Marshall is still a beast and our D played solid though as Sparano pointed out they didn’t get the stop we needed at 20-14. Only 4 games in and it won’t be easy but we’ll be competitive every week. We need our run blocking to show up, Hartline needs to be option 3 and we need to get healthy on the DL so Starks can go back in the middle. It felt like it but all hope isn’t lost. We ARE a good football team and we WILL be in every game.

    BELIEVE, I know I’ve got to.

    GO FINS!!

    • danewen October 5, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

      I just keep telling myself that going into the season I said that 4-4 over our first 8 would be fantastic, considering our second half schedule. We take 2 of our next 4, and we hit that mark, with a great stretch in the second half.

      No panic button. Our D was great against Brady. Ricky and Ronnie can rumble through that second half schedule. And Henne has a dangerous (if currently a little erratic) arm, that can team with The Beast to make folks pay. Onward and upward.

      Let this loss sink in with these players. Let it burn through the bye week. Gut check time…

  2. InFINcible October 6, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    Have Jake Grove and Donald Thomas been signed by anyone? Charles Grant anyone? Our O-line is not getting any push in the run game at all, although they’ve been stellar in pass protection. If I blame our staff for anything, its some of these questionable roster moves. We can’t run block if our lives depended on it, and all the moves they’ve made on the OL are glaring. Whatever happened to if it ain’t broke don’t fix it???

    We need to re-sign these guys on the OL instead of Cowboys castoffs and maybe sign Charles Grant if he’s available? We’ve got 2 weeks to “churn” this roster and get back some quality players we let go. They don’t have to be brought up to speed, they were here throughout training camp. Let’s admit our mistakes and move on.

    GO FINS!!

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