Moss Trade Ain’t Helping the Dolphins

6 Oct

Randy Moss can take over a game. Randy Moss can effortlessly turn a prayer of a long toss into a huge completion. Randy Moss is a Hall of Famer. And now, Randy Moss has left the AFC East. And that, on its face, helps the Dolphins.

But the feeling we get out of Foxboro isn’t one of decline. No, this isn’t a team that needs to keep Randy Moss around, when he’s clearly peeved, and lobbying for a big time extension. This is a team that is, unfortunately, reloading.

The king in New England is the scheme. They do it better than anyone. Quick hits, crosses, dump offs. Brady is the maestro. And Coach Billy, who looked way overdressed Monday without a sweatshirt on, is no dummy.

He likes his squad without Moss. He likes the explosiveness of Brandon Tate. He likes Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski as bookend TEs. He likes Julian Edelman. He likes Danny “Crazylegs” Woodhead. He likes Benjarverman-Blue-Jervey-Plum-Lieberman-Ellis. He likes rookie Taylor Price. We know he likes Welker, having given up a healthy pick for him years ago in a Miami blunder. Bill considers all the angles (even without the aid of a video camera). And the New England youth movement has only just begun.

The Patsies hold eight picks in the first four rounds next April. Two in the first, and two in the second. They aren’t going anywhere, and with or without Moss the AFC East conversation is going to involve the Patsies for many years to come.

The good news? We’ll be in that conversation too.


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