Week 7 Stock Report: DOW Rises as Sharp Fins Cut the Cheese

21 Oct

DOW (Dolphins Overall Worth) heading into Pittsburgh clash: 749 (+50)


DARREN RIZZI (NYSE: DRIZZ) +12: Two weeks ago Darren was getting coffee and donuts for John Bonamego. One special teams meltdown later and Darren was handed the keys to a much maligned Dolphins special teams unit. He, and his players, responded in a big way. 3 for 3 on field goals for Pro Bowler Dan Carpenter, including the game winner. Speedster Nolan Carroll looked strong on returns, and seems destined to break one long soon. We limited Green Bay’s return game from start to finish, and look ma, no blocked punts! Welcome to the stock report, DRIZZ.

CAMERON WAKE (NASDAQ: WAKE) +8 1/4: Holy crap, this guy is a monster. He finished Rodgers three times. His ankle sack while getting pancaked by Green Bay lineman Brian Bulaga was a classic. Relentless and fast as hell, he’s becoming a superstar. We’ve got him at bargain basement prices for the next two seasons, but hopefully we’ll figure out a way to lock him down for much longer than that. Hard to believe investors whiffed on this explosive stock the first time around.

BRANDON MARSHALL (NYSE: BMARSH) +6: Yes, he’s that good. The Beast looks like a man among boys out there sometimes. Ten grabs for 127 yards this week. Business as usual. Two second rounders for this guy? Looks like a steal so far. Remember, this is a guy in his prime. Props to The Trifecta for becoming majority shareholders without a second thought, and for not skimping with some disastrous Antonio Bryant signing.

DAVONE BESS (NASDAQ: BESS) +3 1/2: Welker Lite does it again. A nice TD catch on a bullet from Henne, and a crucial first down grab in OT. This guy was justly rewarded this week with a lucrative extension. Kudos to this undrafted gem of a stock, which started at bargain basement prices on the little known Hawaii Stock Exchange, but is now holding its own with the big boys.


TONY SPARANO (NYSE: TSPAR) -2: Tough to dock him at all after a big win at Lambeau, but this is for Tony’s far too safe decision to kneel at midfield and play for overtime. Once in a blue moon Hail Marys work. Never in a blue moon do they result in scores for the defense. To not go for the victory, and instead play for the coin toss, was a head-scratcher. The Pack would have probably only rushed three, and dropped everyone else back for the jump ball. You tell Chad to throw it out of bounds if a defender comes within eight miles of him. If Chad gets the pass off (almost a certainty), 90% of the time it’s incomplete. If it’s intercepted, the instructions for defenders is to get down (to avoid a Robert Meachem play). The odds of a defender escaping the mob of 13 players in the end zone and running the interception back 105 yards without being stopped, are ridiculously low. The risk versus reward in those situations is overwhelmingly in the favor of the offense.  Verdict’s still out on this stock, especially with its parent company (NASDAQ: TUNA) seemingly closing its headquarters.

JARED ODRICK (NASDAQ:ODRK) -7: It’ll be see you next year for our first rounder, who flashed promise before being derailed by injuries. You just hope this isn’t indicative of an overall trend. There are guys with all the talent in the world, who just can’t stay on the field. Let’s assume that isn’t the case with this young mauler, who can play all over the line and is a big part of our defensive future. Get well, Jared. This team is rising, and we’ll need you down the line.


Tough to recall when we’ve needed a win more than this one, from a spiritual standpoint. Escaping from Lambeau with a W was huge, especially after the back to back heartbreaks against the Jets and Patsies. We showed a lot of moxie in this one, and we’ll need to keep it rolling against a first half schedule that’s doing us no favors. Speaking of no favors, thumbs down to the Broncos and Ravens, who both almost helped us out big time last weekend, then crapped the bed. Now, let’s hope Big Ben gets very well acquainted with Cameron Wake this weekend.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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