Don’t Just Blame the Refs, Blame the Extra Point

24 Oct

Obviously no discussion of today’s contest can ever take place without the horses**t replay being the 50,000 ton elephant in the room. It was simply horrific. It’s the new snow plow. It’s the new Ohio State/Miami, 10-second-delay pass interference call (granted this wasn’t a championship game). It will haunt Dolphin Nation for some time.

But we first reached for the antacid tablets way back in the second quarter, right after Davone Bess found the end zone on a superhuman 26-yard catch. The touchdown made it a 17-15 game. As the Steelers challenged, we were hoping the Dolphins were using the extra five minutes to dial up a play for a 2-point conversion. Of course, we were wrong, and Dan Carpenter popped the sucker through to ensure we were still losing by one.

Now please go easy if this is a stupid question, but in the game of football what exactly is the difference between being down by one point or two? Did Tony expect a game-winning safety in our future, that would only work if we were withing a lone point? Was he seeing some combination of field goals and touchdowns in his crystal ball that would suddenly make him look silly for trying to pull even with perhaps the toughest team in the NFL? Would anyone judge him for that if by some chance the score ended up that way?

So Tony played to stay behind. During the rest of the game the Steelers scored six points. And guess what? We did too. Game, set, match. 23-22. And that safe little extra point was the difference between an outrageous loss and an overtime period.

At one point during the broadcast Dan Dierdorf talked about Tony Sparano’s passion. It is clearly evident when you watch the man on the sidelines. He cares immensely. He cheers harder than any of those shapely gals holding pom-poms. But that passion is rarely evident when it’s time to take a chance.

No, Tony seems to prefer the safe route 99% of the time. Sparano isn’t going to stray from the handbook until he’s absolutely backed into a corner. Problem is, that’s usually too late. Instead we were left with a disjointed, joke of a two-minute drill, and an unshakable loss.

A second coin toss sure would have been nice.

"If it's fourth and longer than this, I'm kickin' it."


One Response to “Don’t Just Blame the Refs, Blame the Extra Point”

  1. InFINcible October 25, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    On our last scoring drive Henne is on point, moving us down the field. As soon as we are in FG range they reign him in. We don’t play to win, we play to keep it close.I can’t even get into the review, deep down we all knew we were gonna get screwed on the call.

    On the flip side, I’m watching Pats vs. Chargers and Belichick goes for it on 4th and 1 up by 3 at midfield. They didn’t get it and still got the win. His D now knows for the rest of the season that he believes in them. I want a coach with balls, or atleast an OC with some. WTF

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