A Loss Today Could Be a Season Crusher

30 Oct

If the Dolphins fizzle from here on out it’ll be easy to point a finger at last week’s debacle, and mark it as the moment that defined this season. But the moment that defines our season could very well be the second the clock hits 00:00 tomorrow in Cincy.

If we’ve won, and responded to the Steelers mess with focus and grit, we’ll be 4-3. We’ll be very much in the mix. But if we lose? Well, in our own division alone there are two teams at 5-1. Baltimore, Houston and Indy will all be above .500 no matter what happens this weekend. Not to mention Kansas “Crazylegs” City, Tennessee and Pittsburgh, who will be leading their divisions as well. There will be an impressive jumble of winning teams in the AFC, and the SoFlo Sea Mammals won’t be one of them.

After our jaunt to Southern Ohio, our next three opponents are either in first place or in playoff position. We can’t afford to drop this one to a struggling team. There are too many hurdles down the road.

The Dolphins cannot let last week’s heartbreak define them. Somewhere in the confines of NFL Films’ headquarters, an editor is already thinking about how to frame our season in “Promising Porpoises 2010: The Story of the 7-9 Miami Dolphins”. They’re chomping at the bit to make the Pittsburgh game the start of the downward spiral. It would certainly be a nice way to wrap the story up in a nice little bow. NARRATOR VOICE: “The crestfallen Fins never recovered, dropping four of their next five.”

But make no mistake, if the Dolphins are about to fade, it will not have started with Big Ben at the goal line. It will have started the week after, when our guys went up to the Buckeye state and lost to a 2-4 team.

Pittsburgh hurt, but it’s a chapter we’ve got to forget. Tony Sparano’s job this afternoon? Turning the page.


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